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Upgrade from 9 32 bit to 9 64 bit question

Created: 13 Feb 2013 • Updated: 13 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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This is the process I am going to follow to move my EV server from a phsycal 32-bit box to a virtual 64-bit one. I wanted to double-check with someone to see if I am missing anything. My current version is 9.0.2.

1. Build new target EV server (Windows 2008 R2) with a different name
2. Stop EV services on source server
3. Run Server Settings Migration Wizard on source server
4. Copy wizard's output to target server
5. Copy any locally stored data to the target server
6. Turn off the source server
7. Rename target server with same name as source server
8. Attach SAN drives to target server
9. Install EV 9.0.2 64-bit on target server but do not configure EV
10. Run Server Settings Migration Wizard on target server
11. Turn on EV services

Note: all paths on target server are the same as source server

After about a week of "normal" operation, upgrade to version 10

Question: Should I convert the 32bit indexes from my source server before or after I upgrade to version 10?

thank you

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JesusWept3's picture

I would actually swap "rename the new server to the old server name" to just "change DNS Alias to point to new server name"

I would also suggest putting EV in backup mode before shutting it all down

And honestly, if you can whilst you have the opportunity, I would install EV10, though i know that may not be possible, but it seems like the perfect opportunity to do so

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Thanks for the quick response. I would love to immediately upgrade to 10, but the powers-that-be want me to give it at least a week.

Are there any drawbacks to keeping the same server name?

Where would I change the DNS alias?


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There really isnt that many drawbacks to keeping the servername, its just I personally wouldn't do it, just out of personal preference.

I think my main concern would be if i needed to fail back if it all goes wrong, I would sooner just change the DNS and run a repair, rather than having to rename the new server to a different name, so that i can bring the old server back online

You would change the DNS Alias in whatever your company uses as their DNS Server, most likely just a windows DNS server?

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I am assuming I don't need to download a separate 9.0.2 64bit version of EV from FileConnect and that the  current one I have detects the 64bit OS and installs appropriately?

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EV 9 is pure 32 bit anyway.

EV 10 has some 64 bit indexing components.

Either way... there is only 'one' installation per version.