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Upgrade from BackupExec 12.5 to 2010 questions

Created: 08 May 2012 | 4 comments

I am new to this company, I am tring to get an understanding of many processes. We are currently running BackupExec 12.5. I found a copy of 2010, it looks like it was downloaded from a Symantec evaluation site. Right now I do not have in my hand any license information.

Can this I install this copy of 2010 on top of 12.5 and it all work?

We backup Microsoft SQL and Exchange severs. Are the agents from 12.5 compatable with 2010? If not how doI get new agents?

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There first of all ensure the copy of be2010 you have got is for r3 so ensure it is be2010 r3 and yes you can install on top of be12.5 which would be direct upgrade.
Also before doing that ensure you have backup of data and catalogs by stopping SQL service for backupexec

About your next question will agent would be compatible no those licenses will not work with be2010 so you can contact licensing on 18003272232 to get an upgrade notification for your backupexec license and agent licenses but as you are installing it right now in trialware that should not be an issue as you can check whatever agent require you want to backup.

Also once you install be2010 r3 ensure you install all updates using live update and then upgrade remote agent on your remote servers



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Why anyone would give pkh a thumbs down for pointing to this article is beyond me

A very precise document full of useful information and advice

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