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Upgrade from BE2010 to BE2012

Created: 16 May 2013 • Updated: 05 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
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 I am planing to upgrade from BE10 R3 to BE12. To date my BE environment is as follow:

1 Backup Exec Server with BE10 R3 and 2010 Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

Around 17 servers that gets backup up with dfferent jobs setup.

Around 200 client computers (XP, W7) have DLO agent installed, and daily backups are being runned.

Now i want to upgrade to BE2012 and obviously have some question even after doing some research on internet:

My understanding is that DLO is not an intergrated part of BE anymore and that we need a separate software (Symantec DLO 7.0) for that. And if i am not wrong, DLO needs to be upgraded first, but my question is

What will happen to things like user profiles, backed up data, agents installed on client computers, after the upgrade?
And what will happen to all the configurations/settings?
And does an upgrade to BE12 automatically give you a lisense for Symantec DLO 7.0?

And for the BE2012 upgrade i already have a video i found on internet which i am going to use. Is there anything i need to be carefull about when upgrading BE2012?

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Great to hear it. There are some gotchas, so I have alerted our crew of experts who will come back to this thread and post. You might want to watch for the weekly Google+ hangouts hosted by our SE and Tech Support team too.

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And does an upgrade to BE12 automatically give you a lisense for Symantec DLO 7.0?

No. As you have pointed out, DLO is now a separate product and you have to purchase it separately from BE.  I believe that the latest version is DLO 7.5.

For your DLO questions, it might be better to post them in the DLO forum

Before you upgrade to BE 2012, you might want to read my article

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DLO 7 would be able to upgarde the Like pkh said, DLO questions are better asked on DLO forums.

Things like user profiles and configurations/settings should be upgraded when you upgrade to DLO 7. You can still restore out of data that is backed up using DLO of 2010 R3 (Refer to DLO 7 upgrade best practices). As for the clients (agents) they would need to be pushed out again.

Now as Backup Exec and DL are seperate, the licensing for Backup Exec 2012 and DLO 7 is also seperate.

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Duplicate of thread ~

Easier to keep one thread :)