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Upgrade best practices

Created: 29 Jun 2010 | 9 comments

Ok, so it’s time to apply MR2, which of course kills most everything we have done to date.

Aside from the generic statement 'document then do it again' how are people really dealing with this in a practical manner? We have had to customize quite a bit and redoing things manually isn’t going to be an option.  I can see it taking weeks to do an upgrade in the future as more complex changes are made. Even now, with what I have done so far it will take days if changes have to be recreated manually, then tested. And that assumes an ‘upgraded workflow’ hasn’t broken any of our flows. ( like with permission changes, that could be buried most anywhere )
Just setting up routing rules again would be a 2 day job for us here.. 

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yabru's picture

REALLY keen on hearing the answer to this one too!

I'm busy applying MR2 as we speak. Heard through the grapevine that if you had SD7 installed to a partition other than C:, there are aparently already known issues if upgrading...
Is it really a matter of completely uninstalling workflow, install the new SD7 MR2 and apply to existing database?
This makes the future sound very painfull :(


matzebru's picture

What are some of the issues when installing to a partition other than C: ?!?!?


- Bruce

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JoTz's picture

Our SD7 is installed in a different partition! I've applied MR2 and I can't find the new packages to start redoing our customization. Our current project folder still holds the old Workflows. (Or I'm just having Dumb day)

JoTz's picture

Even though our installation of SD7 is in the D drive! 

Nurb4000's picture

I noticed this on the beta builds and thought it was fixed. When our consultant guy was here helping get our production copy installed after release he installed to C by accident, and we didn’t bother reinstalling it. In the beta I fixed it by moving the Altiris folder over to D after the install ( where the application was installed to ).  The 2nd time I installed the beta I went to bare metal anyway and just put it on c so as not to have to mess with it.
I guess it’s still a bug.

Today going to start the MR2 upgrade process on my soon to be production boxes..  I hope i stumble across some tricks along the way, but I think it’s just going to be a massively painful process of tracking down all changes, manually putting the ones back in that still work one by one, and recoding the ones that don’t work anymore due to changes in what ships from symantec.. then testing everything again.. then changing our documentation to account for the changes.. then retraining…  (arrgh!).   We had hoped to go live Aug1, but this may push that back some.  I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like a year or 2 down the road when I have 1500 + workers and 75 business units all with their own workflows..

sandybluebird's picture

Waiting to hear more on this. As I am planning to upgrade to MR2.

Thanks and Regards,


JoTz's picture

It's like going through the whole development cycle again and down to the UAT before we are comfortable enough to release it.

Requirement doc, detail customization and changes made, test scripts, and even our customised company logo gif files. They will all need to be current and up to date. I've already found 2 missing customisations/requirements from our documents and I haven't even started on the workflows. :)

Nurb4000's picture

One consolation is if you make workflows totally separate from the ones shipped with SD they should survive.

But ya, it’s going to be painful unless you run 100% stock which I can’t see many doing. I’m in the process now of seeing what changes were made before I try to start reapplying my changes.  This time I’m going to document every bit that is changed and exactly where it was done, and *why* we did it ( that last piece I’m missing now ).

My portal settings did stay, as did database data ( like users, custom groups, categories, etc ) so at least some things do survive a 'upgrade'.

andykn101's picture

How do you keep workflows separate?

Presumably if you published workflows you'd created in MR1 onto MR2 they could break MR2 or would you just not risk it?

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