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Upgrade EV 8.x from 32bit OS to EV 10.x OS-64 bit for Domino 8.5.3

Created: 27 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Jan 2013 | 8 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


We are planning to upgrade our EV Server for domino 8.x to 10.x for supporting the domino ver8.5.3. We have also plan to move our EV database from SQL server 2005 installed on the OS Windows 2003 to SQL 2008 with OS windows 2008 Server Enterprise R2.

Our current EV  deployed on the VMware 5.x virtual environment.  We have installed  Enterprise vault 8.x on virtual Server with OS Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise installed on the another virtual Server  with OS windows 2003 Server for Enterprise vault database. We also have Vault store virtual disk and index virtual disk on the same VMware data store for EV Server inside Windows 2003 Virtual Server.

My EV Server 8.x  for Domino performing the Mails archiving, journal archiving and discovery accelerator task.

As per my understanding for full fill my requirement. I have plan to follow the below step.

Step 1. Upgrade EV 8.x to EV 9.x on the same Virtual Server with OS 2003 Server.

Step 2. After upgrade EV 8.x to 9.x. Plan to move upgraded EV 9.X  directory database from SQL server 2005 (windows 2003 Server) to SQL Server 2008 (Windows 2008 Enterprise Server.

Step3. Run the EV  10. X Migration utility and export the EV setting from 32 bit Windows 2003 Server.

Step4. Installed New Windows 2008 Enterprise R2  virtual Server and after full fill EV pre requirement, installed EV 10.x binary on the Server but  not perform the EV configuration and import the EV 9.x setting.

Note – here is my question. Can I move  the Vault store virtual disk used for Archiving data  and Index virtual disk from EV server 9.x (Windows 2003 Virtual Server) to New EV 10. X Windows 2008 Enterprise r2 Virtual Server with same drive letter? Would this move will provide the archive data access same like old EV server with new server.

If no than what should I do.

EV for domino upgrade, what is the important point should I take care.

Requested to you,  Kindly guide me and share the best EV upgrade document as per our VM environment. In which all EV upgrade and migration pre and post requirement and upgrade/Migration steps given in one place.

Waiting for your reply.


Rakesh Gupta

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Your steps are correct, you should move the storage after you run the migration wizard from the old server. After moving the storage then run the migration wizard on the new server and it will then check the vault store and index locations

Your plan doesn't Need to change at all as it is a good plan

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Requested to Everyone, kindly  share the EV upgrade plan document for EV 10.x for domino 8.5.3  with VM enviroment.

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Not sure if the migration wizard collects all the notes .ID files that you need .. so you might want to check and/or add a step in your plan to validate after the migration to the new hardware.

As a matter of interest - and I've seen this a few times - why are you migrating SQL in the midst of your EV migration?

SQL 2005 SP 4 can be used with EV 10 (I think).. so why not keep with that, and ensure good transition to EV then, in some months, do the SQL migration.

Just an idea?

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TonySterling Sir,

I need your help, Kindly guide me for  Upgrade EV 8.x from 32bit OS to EV 10.x OS-64 bit for Domino 8.5.3.

Please shre the EV upgrade plan for domino on Vm Enviroment.

Recently I could get upgrade successfully EV 8.x to 9.x for Exchange  2010 with multiple EV Server(5) which connected to same SQL Sever after getting your support though this forum.

Thanks for your vauluable help & support.


Rakesh Gupta

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Please share EV upgrade document as per our VM environment. In which all EV upgrade and migration pre and post requirement and upgrade/Migration steps included upgrade plan given in one place.

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Hi Rakesh,

An upgrade plan with specific details is a bit outside the scope of this forum and be dependant specific client details.  Paul Grimshaw wrote a upgrade best practice doc you can use to create your own plan.  You will need the upgrade instructions for EV 9 and EV 10.

As for moving to new hardware, I recommend you use the Server Settings Migration wizard.

Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard

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