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Upgrade from EV8 to EV 10

Created: 19 Nov 2012 • Updated: 19 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi guys

I have stumbled on a customer’s EV 8 installation. In an possible upgrade scenario I would like to check if I'm thinking about this the right way.

The EV server is a 32 bit 2003 server running EV 8 sp4. I don't want to poke around too much with this server because it's to "fragile" for in place upgrade

I plan to set up a new EV server (new HW) running Win 2008R2 and install EV 8 sp4 on that server. Then just edit the DNS alias whit the new server info.

Re point the index and vault stores to the new EV 8 server. Edit the dB entry’s to the new EV server. Run a repair on the new server. Using building blocks to fail over to the new EV 8 server.

Then I can do a "in place" upgrade to EV 9 and then to EV 10.

Am I going about this the right way?

Is there any problem to move the databases to a newer instance of SQL? (Current EV8 is running on a SQL 2000 instance. I would like to move these dB’s

to a SQL 2008 R2 instance instead.


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OK so based on the compatibility charts, SQL Server 2008 R2 isn't compatible until EV9
So what i would do is the following

1. Install a new Windows Server 2008 R2 server
2. Install EV8 SP4 on the new server but don't run the configuration
3. Point the Site Alias and the server alias's from old EV Server to new EV Server
4. Copy across any custom things such as WebApp.ini, WelcomeMessages etc to new server
5. Ensure all the index and vault store data is mounted or accessible the exact same way as the old server
6. Ensure that the new EV Server resolves to its own address when pinging Site Alias and server alias
7. Shut down the old server
8. Run the EV Configuration on the new server and specify the existing directory database
9. Ensure that the Services all start without errors and you can access the vac
10. If you have Auditing enabled you will have to create a manual Auditing DSN
11. Run the OWAUser.wsf script to set up EVAnon and OWA access
12. Upgrade from EV8 to EV9
13. Move your databases from SQL Server 2000 to 2008 R2
14. Update the VaultStoreEntry table, the Audit and Directory DSN's
15. Monitor to make sure theres no issues with connectivity or SQL
16. Proceed to EV10 SP2

Also when moving from old to new server, look for any custom/non default registry settings you may wish to keep

You do not need to run Update Service Locations or USL at any point
If you have SQL Reports deployed, you should redeploy them as well

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Ok Thanks JesusWept3 for your quick answer :) I really appreciate it

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oh and one last thing and very important, make sure you back up the environment thoroughly before going ahead :)