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Upgrade form BE11d to 12 on default SQL instance

Created: 11 Apr 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
When I attempt to upgrade from BE11d (ADAMM server as well) to version 12, the installation fails and sends me to 2 articles about a clustering environment issue. No clustering involved by the way.
When you look at the installation log the real reason it is failing is because it cannot find a named Instance of SQL.
There is a reason for that. The server running BE11d is a full blown SQL 2005 Server and when we installed BE11d we used that default un-named instance as BE's database server.
BE11d let us do it and it has been running great for over 6 months so why does BE12 not support non-named default instances?
Is there a trick to it?
When you check the Media Server properties it actually shows no instance name which would be correct but I guess the installer for BE12 doesn't know how to handle that??
Anybody else in the same boat?