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Upgrade of ITSM 7.1 to 7.5 and the service desk.

Created: 07 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

So the doucmentation for the upgrade to 7.5 says your service desk will be upgraded too. 

What happens if your service desk is hosted on a seperate server install of an NS server?  and is it mandatory that the seperate service desk be upgraded to version 7.5 in order to communicate with the new upgraded ITSM service? 

To rephrase just in case.  I have a 7.1 altiris Notification server that does our CMS and AMS.  we have a seperate server that runs our service desk that is also 7.1.  Do i have to upgrade both or can I just upgrade my Notification server?

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No you do not have to upgrade ServiceDesk to 7.5 when you upgrade ITMS. The 7.5 version of ServiceDesk will be downloaded and installed onto your SMP server, but it won't affect your existing ServiceDesk.

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To expand on TGiles' comment, what is updated is the "7.5 Service Desk installation binaries (setup files)". What that meanss is, that your actual running Service Desk install is not touched. Even if it was running on-box with the SMP it would not touch the SD install itself.

To upgrade the SD install it would be necessary to use the SD install binaries to run throguh the setup/configuration, just like you may remember doing when you first installed SD :)

In the end it's a matter of words and word choices.


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does anyone know if there are any issues with the 7.1 service desk communicating with the 7.5 ITSM?

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You shouldn't have any issues continuing with Service Desk 7.1. Most if not all the "connectivity" will be about licensing and not much else - unless you made customizations that tie into the CMDB or do web-calls or the like.


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We have not seen any issues. I have a SD 7.1 server that we're nearly ready to decommission for 7.5 but are still working some tickets. It talks just fine to 7.5, the locations and assets continue to pull in as expected.

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While compatibility this type of scenario will be supported by Symantec?


André Florencio