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Upgrade MSCS Cluster Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 with SFW 4.3 MP1 to 5.1 SP1

Created: 22 Apr 2010 • Updated: 18 Aug 2010 | 5 comments
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Hi all

I'm planning a migration from the following platform :

1 MSCS cluster (shared disks / Quorum)
2 nodes ( HP Servers)
Windows Advanced Server 2000 with SP4
Storage Foundation for Windows HA 4.3 MP1

To the same hardware platform, but with
1 MSCS cluster (shared disks / Quorum)
2 nodes (same servers)
Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition SP2
Storage Foudation for Windows HA 5.1 SP1

I found documents about upgrading products on their own ( SFW HA 4.X to 5.X) or/and MSCS 2000 to MSCS 2003 / WIndows 2000 to Windows 2003

But did not find any infos of documents on how to upgrade both items

What would be the right order of operations ?

I suppose I have to first upgrade windows and MSCS to 2003 'cos SFW 5.1 do not support Windows 2000, but what are the caveats of such an upgrade

Has anybosy any clue or already have done suche a procedure

Thanks for your help

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Good Morning migeauxy,

Since you are upgrading the OS SFW will be broken when the OS enables DMIO and Disk management. The recommendation that I would make is if you are going to go to 5.1 would be to Single path the disks, uninstall SFW, Upgrade the OS and then Reinstall SFW  5.1 with the MSCS option.

SFW stores all disk info in a private region of the disk so uninstalling SFW will not break anything on the node. If you upgrade the OS  and then upgrade SFW you will have to run a repair in SFW 4.3 to get it working again and then upgrade to 4.3 MP2 then finally upgrade to 5.1 SP1.

It adds extra steps and time to the process. Since you are not using a VCS cluster you do not have to worry about any configurations items for SFW since it is all stored on the disks.

David V

David Veber
Business Critical Engineer, Symantec Corporation
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One other item, if you are using a dynamic quorum you may want to look at this, it doesnt always happen on 2003 but it may.

After rebooting the first starting node of a Microsoft Cluster using dynamic disk(s) for quorum, the Cluster Service fails or is delayed due to a quorum online time-out.

David Veber
Business Critical Engineer, Symantec Corporation
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Thanks David

I'lll tri this on a test environment to validate the complete procedure

I'll keep you posted


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I tried to uninstall sfw 4.3 today and ended up with a blue screen inaccessible-boot-device

I'm currently restoring a server image and try the procedure again;

If no luck, il upgrade the OS first


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Are you booting from the san or is the system/boot disk in a Dynamic Didk Group?

David Veber
Business Critical Engineer, Symantec Corporation