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Upgrade NBU from to, with some client-server using

Created: 09 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

Hello guys,

Im planning to upgrade my NBU environment, from to


Master Server: Solaris 10. NBU version

Media Servers: 6 servers, 2 W2K R2 and 4 Solaris 10. All at NBU

Some client servers with (because those are windows 2012) of course I know this is not supported by Symantec, due Master/media are lower than client version. But im just bit courious whats going to be happen, when the upgrade time, with the metadata images migration.

Should I open a Symantec call? Or should I revert the client version to What could be the worst case?

Comments, are very welcome.


Operating Systems:

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Mark_Solutions's picture

I would check with support but i cannot see an issue with the upgrade and metadata migration to be honest

I am more surprised that the W2012 clients back up at all - I am guessing the client must still be based upon the special one!!

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Victor Pablo's picture

Thanks Mark,

It supposed that migration wont be a problem, but lets see what happen. I will post if there's issue for sure.

Regarding the upgrade, just concerned because according the Upgrade procedure, that provide the steps. Its marked that we must start manually or guided the metadata image import. What I know, it will compress the *.f files, so each time a restore or cleanup required, maybe will fail because:

1.- Mismatch version for client-image (header)

2.- Images are marked as corrupted (prior a NBCC check)

3.- Each time a cleanup performed, we need manually -decompress and run a cleanup again.

All this, because our mismatch version. But I guess as you said, the version for W2012 still based on the

I will update after the upgrade and if a call was need it for Symantec.



StefanosM's picture

I learn before some days :), that symantec, two or more years now supports the ability to have bigger client patch version from master server.

Beginning with NetBackup 7.1 and the NetBackup Appliances, you can apply a maintenance update (triple-dot release) to just a media server or client server within an environment where your master server is at a matching major, minor and release update level.

Mark_Solutions's picture

Stephanos - that wont apply to a 7.1 Master with a 7.5 Client though - that is an unsupported configuration

Authorised Symantec Consultant

Don't forget to "Mark as Solution" if someones advice has solved your issue - and please bring back the Thumbs Up!!.

Victor Pablo's picture

Thanks Stefanos for the link/docs, useful.

Agree with Mark. If your Master server at (Major, minor and release), at least your client has to be matched with major (should be 7.5) and it doesn't matter minor and release.

I guess I got our clients W2012 under a "None Supported or recommended' by Symantec, just Im trying to figure out whats going to be happen at the time of the upgrade, with those images created with a highest version.

Thanks Mark

Any comments?


StefanosM's picture

Yes, it is clear that it is for the same Major version. And that is what I describe.

My error was that I did not pay attention to the versions posted at the first post. :(

StefanosM's picture

To your case now,

As Mark, I do not see any problem with the database. All data will be stored to the master with the format. The upgrade will do what should do, without any problem.