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Upgrade OS of BUE 2010 media server from 2003 32bit to 2008 R2

Created: 16 Sep 2010 | 5 comments

I've got a 2003 32 bit server running BUE 2010.  We are upgrading our Exchange to 2010 and I need to get BUE 2010 on a 64 bit OS.  I have a couple questions.

1. Upgrade the OS or do a fresh install? I've always found it better to install fresh.  And this is a big jump for the OS.

2. Has anyone done this with Vcb running on the media server? Does Vcb run on a 64 bit OS?

3. What directories do I need to backup on the current 2003 server to recover all my jobs, selection lists, and catalog?

4. If I install fresh and change the name of the BUE 2010 server, what does this do to all the Remote Windows agents?  Is the licensing tied to the server name?

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sazz.'s picture

1> Symantec doesn't support the upgrade from one OS to another and needs to install fresh BUT i have done the upgrade before on different OS and always worked for me,

2> VCB(vmware consolidated backup) not needed in BE 2010, though it will not make any difference

3>you will find data and catalog folder at c:\program files\symantec\bacupexec. Stop all the BE services and bkupexecsql service and make a copy of these folders to restore complete database

4>You have to just change the publishing on all the clients to the new server name

Steve Czatt's picture


Thanks.  One question... In my catalog directory the name of the server is the directory name.  When I change the name of my BUE server, will I need to change the directory name as well?

sazz.'s picture

If you want you can otherwise not required because by default Backup Exec looks into the location c:\program files\symantec\backup exec\catalog folder.

If you click tools - options - catalog then you will get the catalog location.

Colin Weaver's picture

As you mentioned VCB - check your version of ESX against the SCL - BackuP Exec 2010 uses the vStorage APIs (that are part of ESX 4/vSpehere) which explains why VCB is not needed, however it might mean you need to upgrade ESX as well.

As sazz mentioned we don't offically support changing Operating System while migrating/upgrading  Backup Exec - however I have also done it.

Things to consider:

- If you are going to use new media on the new server (so don't need the media inventory and overwrrite protection information) and can easily recreate your jobs, then don't bother trying to upgrade - do a clean install.

- As the server name is changing if you copy the bedb, be prepared to use an osql command or beutility to change the server name inside the BEDB.

_ if you can install the existing BE version on the new server and then copy the bedb and catalogs before upgrading then it might be a safer method than trying to use bemig.exe to update the database.

- Will the old server still be available during the upgrade work so any missing settings can be retrieved?

- At times when moving the BEDB between servers you might need some registry information from the old server (I am thinking of the Adamm\MachineGuid and Backup Exec\Server\DataPartitionGUID)

Strangly my team discussed the catalog copying folder name question you asked the other day ourselves, we think there are 3 chocies and it probably won't matter which choice you use - Note: none of us have actuially tested the choices back to back to see if there are differences:

1) Copy the catalog folder content as is (so leave the folder names the same - this will work because the code for CASO (even though you might not be ruinning CASO) is present and is designed to allow multiple server catalog folders to be read on one server.

2) Copy the catalogs folder and rename the subfolder to match the new server name - again this will also work

3) Copy the content of the subfolder that is named after the server into the top of the catalogs folder - this also should work as it will use the upgrade from older BE versiosn trigger that identifies catalogs in the root folder and manages them appropriately.

All 3 of the above will need a BE service restart and may also need "catrebuildindex -r" running.