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Upgrade OS for Master Netbackup media server

Created: 01 Dec 2010 | 6 comments

Current environment:

Master server is currently running Netbackup 6.5.5 on a Windows 2003 R2 x64bit OS.  


Upgrade the OS to Windows 2008 x64bit.     Then upgrade Netbackup software to 7.0.1.    


For the Windows OS upgrade, would it be best to upgrade or do a fresh install of the OS.   I prefer to upgrade the OS to reduce amount of work and minimize downtime.   A Window Admin stated to me that I should considering a fresh install for OS.   All input is greatly appreciated... 

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Riaan.Badenhorst's picture

I would do a fresh install of 2008, then do a DR of NetBackup on the new 2008, then upgrade to 7.0.1

That way, if anything goes wrong, you've got an easy rollback :) Assuming you have new hardware of course, and you're not using the same netbackup server....


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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Thanks for the input....    However there is no other hardware to use.   What are the benefit to a fresh install  vs upgrading OS?


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I would say that installing fresh is better (even with old hardware). As you would know, from desktops to servers, the older the O/S (and i dont mean the version), the more troublesome it gets. All the fix, patch, resolved issues, workaround take there toll on a installation. From my point of view, a fresh new install is best. it might be more work, but atleast you know its brand new, with out any bugs/issues.

Just export the netbackup keys in from the registry so you keep the settings. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > VERITAS > NETBACKUP > CURRENT VERSION > CONFIG (thats off the top of my head, have a look to make sure)


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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Have a look at this TN:

I would use the same procedure for OS upgrade.

I would also accept advice from the Windows admin: "A Window Admin stated to me that I should considering a fresh install for OS. " I trust this person to know better than me - a backup administrator...

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Second the advice to fresh install. Particularly if Windows 2008 is R2 as its quite a shift.

Get familiar with the DR NetBackup method outlined above. Trial it out even if you dont have other hardware -  use a Virtual environment or a hypervisor. eg VMware Server 2.0 (free)

I do this to test out my catalog for DR purposes when not got other hardware.


Install  OS in Virtual Machine. Give it a random hostname NBUDR and attach to your network. Take a cold catalog backup (NBU 6.5.x) to disk/files of your current master. Copy those files to NBUDR.

Disconnect the ethernet device on the VM and then change the hostname of server to your current master. Attach the NBU Server software ISO to this VM and install master server. Use temporary license key or existing. And then perform DR recovery as outlined in technote. Start the console. You can check your catalog is OK. All done offline from the network of your existing master server.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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Thanks for all the input...   I greatly appreciate the advice.   Fresh install is what I will be doing.