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Upgrade PGP Universal 3.12 to Symantec Ecryption Management server 3.3

Created: 09 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

 We are running PGP Universal 3.12 (Build 50) and would like to upgrade the server to Symantec Ecryption Management server 3.3

We have download the upgrade guide from the foillowing link and still have 3 questions,d.cGE

1)  We would like to confirm 3.12 can be upgraded to 3.3 directly (provided that hardware meet the requirement)

2)  After the server upgrade, will the client will be push automatically or it has to be download from the upgraded server and install manually for users

    We do not want to push automatically to end users and would like to deployment client one by one.

3)  When I login to download 3.3 upgrade, I found the followings avaliable to be download

Which one I should use?   According to upgrade guide, should be used, am I right?

What is the difference between those files?



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1.  3.1.2 build number 50 can be updated directly to 3.3.0 mp3.

2.  The client will not be pushed automatically unless set to do so in the consumer policy.  Check on the Universal Server under Consumers>Consumer Policy>Your Policy Name then next to General, click "Edit..."  Make sure the option to notify users of updates and automatically download is unchecked.

3.  The file you would want is the  That is an upgrade file that you load into System>Updates by clicking "Upload Update Package..." and selecting the unzipped pup file.

I would recommend this instead of the base 3.3.0 pup file, because it is (1) newer, and (2) mp2 contained several adjustments that make the transition from an older version smoother, and overall more successful.

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make sure that when you download the PUP file that you grab the one with the larger file size (around 800MB or so last time I checked). If you download to one with Desktop in the filename it will only update the version of the Symantec Encryption Desktop clients that you deploy from the server and not the server code version.

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