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upgrade PGP universal server

Created: 10 Nov 2011 | 3 comments
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HI Guys,

i need a immediate help regarding PGP universal server. I want to upgrade my PGP universal server please send me the article how to upgrade PGP universal server.Current version is PGP Universal Server 3.1.0 and PGP Desktop 10.1.1. please suggest me some new version of PGP universal server version.

Thanks in advance 

Kamran Rehman

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Hi Kamran

You can check the Symc Knowledgebase for upgrade procedures for each version you need to upgrade to.

The latest one that is avail is 3.2.

In your case for the Upgrade this would be:

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Greetings!! thanks for the support it was more helpfull for us.

Now let me ask one thing for u i was update my PGP Universal Server through this package (PGPUniversal3.2.0MP2.pup) after successful upgrade my PGP Universal Server update. My question is after the update i was download client through the tab of "consumer" they client is also upgrade? ya I use a seprate update package for PGP Desktop Client something like this (PGPUniversal3.2.0MP2_PGPDesktop10.2.0.pup)

Thanks in advance 

Kamran Rehman

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My understanding is that once you update your Universal Server, you need to create a new Desktop install package in order to be able to update your desktop installations.

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