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Upgrade. PGP Universal to Symantec Encryption Server

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 17 comments

My current version of pgp universal server is 3.2.1 MP5

The versions available are 3.3.0 & 3.3 MP1

Can i upgrade directly to 3.3 MP1?


Do I need to upgrade to 3.3.0 and then to 3.3 MP1?

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You can upgrade the Server directly to 3.3 MP1 from 3.2.1 MP5.

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I'm a new user and I need to move 3 3.1 MP1.  I  downloaded all 6 files from the FileConnect because I wasn't sure which ones I actually needed.   I assume I would use the

Desktop 10.3.1_PUP,



the Web 3.3.1Full and the Web3.3.1MP1Full

But I don't understand what is required for the desktop and the universal upgrades and I couldn't find the most current upgrade documentation.  Please point me in the right direction for procedures on how to upgrade and the proper versions to use.


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I have cluster, 1 sponsoring server & 1 joining server. Both needs upgrade.

How do I go?

If the primary is upgraded first then the joining server will be on old version until upgraded.

Will the replication be successful if the members of the cluster are on different versions?

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Follow  the Best Practices of Upgrading to PGP Universal Server

This articles may answer the question.

Best Practices

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Previously I have done upgrades upon the release of each MP.

This time I want to take more caution as I have cluster now & the name of the nee version is changed to Symantec Encryption Server.

Usually I would do this:

  1. Backup Org Key.
  2. Backup the Universal Server.
  3. Upload the .pup file
  4. Install & the server restarts
  5. After restart Ignition Key is required. Thats it!
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That would the best way of performing the upgrade. I would suggest to go through the Upgrade guide first.

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Do you have Clients connected to the Server.

When yes and you have client older then 10.1.x be aware of the upgrade.

The clients will stop functioniong when you perform the upgrade and not implment a small change on the server where support can help you with.

Or request SEMS 3.3.0 MP1 HF1 when this is the case.

If you don't have clients older then 10.1.x don't worry about.

You can just upgrade both servers the order doen't matter since there is no master or slave in 3.x.

The cluster will stop replicating as soon one server is upgrading and restart clustering as soon both are on the same version.

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Thank you Steve. 

I have clients ranging from 10.0 to 10.2.

Symantec Support advised that 3.3.1 is expetcted to be released in a month.

So I decided to wait rather than to request hotfix.

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Steve, the upgrade guide speaks about migration. In my case, I presume, upgrade is enough.

If its convenienent for you could you run me through about migration? When is migration recommended?

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In your case:

Download 3.3.0 MP1 Full pup upload it to both PGP Universals and click install in any order you like. 

I would upgrade one wait until it comes back(the server will automaticly reboot) and then upgrade the other box. 

When 3.2.1 MP5 was your initial version then you can just go ahead should be a simple upgrade.  

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Actually: NO

Clients older then 10.1.x will stop functioniong. 

There are 4 Methods:

1. Upgrade to 3.3.0 MP1 HF1 (needs to be requested via Support) 

2. Wait for 3.3.1 (It will contain the HF)

3. Support has also a Workaround that can be applied to a 3.3.0 or 3.3.0 MP1 Server (same result as the HF)

4. Upgrade all Clients over 10.1.x in your Environment prior to the SEMS 3.3.0 (MP1) upgrade 

Here is the KB:

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i have some problem's, i have installed my new installation server of pgp universal server, but i can enroll the computer in this server. i can i do it.


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Hi Khozak,

Can you specify the problems?

Are the computers that you are trying to enrol encrypted or new clients?

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is the first time i want the enroll client, in my new  pgp universal server, and i receive this message: the symantec encryption is unable to contact the server.

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Hi Khozal,

telnet the server IP from the client machine:

  1. "telnet <server IP> 443"
  2. Check the proxy setting on the client and add the server IP in the proxy bypass list.