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Upgrade Scan Engine to Cloud Protector

Created: 04 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

We recently learned that we cannot renew our license to the Scan Engine 5.2 but have to upgrade to the Cloud Protector 7.0. We would have to do extensive testing before I can deploy a new product in our production environment. I am not familiar with the product. So 1) how "different" is the product? (ie is it just a rebranding of the Scan Engine and this is simply a software upgrade; 2) can we install a Cloud Protector license on the Scan Engine until such time that we can evaluate the new product and 3) if we cannot use the Cloud Protector license does the Scan Engine simply stop working when the license expires? Thanks in advance.

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You don't HAVE to upgrade, the license will work for 5.2. The questions is why wouldn't you upgrade? Protection Engine has a newer decomposer, more granular controls and supports JRE 7.0. There is not much of a difference as far as functionality goes, we just improved a lot of features.

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Thanks for the info. We want to upgrade but in our shop we cannot just rollout a new version (especially somehting that "sounds" as such a drastic change as to have a new name and go from version 5.x to version 7.x) without a certain amount of acceptance testing.  Probably if the product had the same name and we were upgrading to version 6.x it would not be of such a concern to the business owners.

In other words ScanEngine 5.2 to ScanEngine 6.x -- OK

but ScanEngine 5.2 to "some new product version 7.x" -- alarm bells

I am sure we will upgrade but it would be after some amount of testing. We did find out that the product is operable for a period of time (we are thinking 60 days) after the license expires and now thanks to your information we have a longer period if we just purchase the new license.

Thanks again for this information and your prompt reply.

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I can understand that change causing some concern but the differences between 5.2.14 and 7.0(.1) are very small. The reason we changed the name was to avoid a lot of the confusion customers had regarding what the product does. The reason for the big skip in version number is mainly to align us with several of our other products' version numbers and becuase the update has been long overdue.