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Upgrade Software License partical upgarde not supported

Created: 06 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Why can a software Upgrade Process in Software License only updated if the quantiy the same like in the Software Purchase?

It must be possible, that only a part of the total quantitiy can be updated (partical update in a test, before start the complet rollout or only a part of computer get the update from various reasons).  Why no partical upgrade are not supported? If a fix exist for this problem or must that adapted/deploy specially for the customer also the compliance report?

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At this time there is only a workaround.  The workaround is to split out the amount of licenses that you want to upgrade.  Then modify the count for licenses for the original number of license so the count is minus the licenses from the newly created license.  Then you upgrade those licenses.

Here is a kb article that talks about this as well:

There are also plans to add this functionality to a future release.

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I am having the same issue since the migration from 6.5 asset/CMDB and did not realize the partial license upgrade was an issue until post migration. The item to note on this post is the product team is looking to add this functionality in a future release, just not the next release. Something more like Altiris 8.x.  With having used this functionality for years in the 6.5 version there are many licenses that have an upgrade purchase associated to them. The Legacy license migration wizard can not handle this and imports the licenses as having the original total quantity purchased.

The fact that the functionality was dropped from product development in the 7.x version just pushes the labor and frustration to the end user of the product to come up with a workaround. Not to mention the audit control headache. Not sure this would pass the SOX compliance test.

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