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Upgrade to SSD using Symantec Full Disk Encryption v8.2

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

We currently use laptops at work which run Symantec End Point Encryption. At boot it says that its the "Full Disk Encription v8.2".  Sorry that I don't know more, but my boss is asking me if something is feasable or not and I am not the person in charge of our hardware. We currently use conventional hard drives and want to upgrade to Solid State Drives. I need to know if this encryption software is compatible with a SSD (I'm assuming it is). If it is compatible, can we just image the hard drives and put the image on the new SSDs with out re-installing everything or does the Encryption prevent you from doing this? Also, are there any problems the Full Disk Encryption has with SSDs? For example, does it lower the lifespan of the drive or hinder performance?

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As far as SSDs go, the below article states that they are supported in normal operating modes:

While the below article states you can image an encrypted disk, but it must be a raw (full fat) image:

There is yet another article below that seems to contradict this, but I'd suggest giving the image a go anyway.  Besides, the below article is so poorly worded I'm inclined to dismiss it out of hand anyway (I'm just listing it here is so you're aware):

The last thing to be aware of, is that some SSDs implement hardware encryption.  At this moment in time, these are NOT supported for SEE-FD:

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Encryption shouldn't really make a noticeable impact for longevity or performance TBH (just make sure you're investigating drives that can easily handle uncompressible data).