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Upgrade Windows OS --- PGP Desktop

Created: 07 Jun 2011 | 4 comments
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Hi all,

Would i be able to upgrade my windows OS while i am having my drives encrypted by PGP Desktop?


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As a matter of precaution I would never make larger upgrades of the Windows systems having wde deployed. Normal Win-updates are of course ok, but larger changes and even new Service Packs is a "no go" if you want to play it safe.

I would;
1) make an image of the disk  -- to safeguard the decryption process
2) decrypt disk
3) make an image of the disk  -- to have a clean roll-back in case the upgrade goes wrong
4) perform the upgrade
4) encrypt disk
6) delete the first image from step 1 (and 3) after having verified and run the new system for a while.

Note that step 3 provides you with an image with clean (original) MBR and can be easily be used in case you need to roll-back. The image from step 1 gives you unencrypted data which you can retrieve in case the decryption process goes wrong (unlikely, but...) but MBR would be the PGP Bootguard, so having to perform a recover from image step 1 is more tricky that using the image from step 3.

Hope this helps.


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This is something we do have specifically covered in the knowledge base: Operating System Upgrades =>

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I think you might have an error in your reference here above. The TECH14960 is about "server does not present a logon screen" and not about upgrade of Windows having deployed WDE.


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the link above was not correct (it looks like the 6 is missing off the end)

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