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upgraded solaris10 with 5.1sp1rp1 to 5.1sp1rp3

Created: 20 Apr 2013 • Updated: 20 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

 sparc M5000 box running solaris 10 with 5.1sp1rp1 was upgraded  5.1sp1rp3. After few hours started seeing the messages

81 5.10 Generic_147440-26 sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise

bash-3.2$ grep "instance svc:/system/console-login" messages.1 | more
Apr 8 11:22:15 sbtorsvr581 svc.startd[9]: [ID 694882 daemon.notice] instance svc:/system/console-login:default exited with status
Apr 8 11:22:24 sbtorsvr581 svc.startd[9]: [ID 694882 daemon.notice] instance svc:/system/console-login:default exited with status

and so on......

svc:/system/console-login:default  -- this service is fluctuating online / offline .

This  upgrade was done using rolling upggrade methos on all nodes of cluster but only this one started showing this messages and we cannot get console login prompt to login to console. otherwise system is running fine in multiusermode with some Service groups running  Sybase DB.  A case has been opened with oracle for this and worked long hours, analysed the kernel dumps etc but so far no solution and  they ultimately advised to check with symantec, if they have any clue about it.  Will appreciate any help on this if anybody has come across this situation.

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Venkata Reddy Chappavarapu's picture

Can you send console SMF log messages?

[root@vcssx229 /]#svcs -xv svc:/system/console-login
svc:/system/console-login:default (Console login)
 State: online since Sun Mar 17 23:27:40 2013
   See: man -M /usr/share/man -s 1M ttymon
   See: /var/svc/log/system-console-login:default.log
Impact: None.

[root@vcssx229 /]#more  /var/svc/log/system-console-login:default.log



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 I think this prefer a Solaris issue, I searched, but no more help information about the error.

Maybe Oracle engineer at least can explain what's mean of error "exited with status 1"


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Can you check if the solution provided in this thread solves your issue as well?

Anyway it's definitely an OS issue, so in case it still persists you should contact Oracle.


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