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upgradeing from backup 12.5 exec to 2010

Created: 28 Jan 2011 • Updated: 04 Apr 2011 | 17 comments
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Hey everyone

I am upgrade my tape libary hardware. As well as our server. Since we are doing this we would like to upgrade the backup software at the same time

anyone have some good docs or suggestions for this upgrade 12.5 sp4 to backup 2010 ?

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If you are planning to upgrade on same server from BE 12.5 to 2010 just have to install BE 2010 & will be inplace upgrade so is that simple

But if you want to upgrade like in this situation were you one server A is with BE 12.5 & server B is with BE 2010 then please follow the procedure below

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Since you are upgrading your hardware i would suggest you to check the hardware compatibility list of

BE2010 R2 before proceeding with the upgrade of BE.

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ok for this part. getting the jobs over but the other prat of my problem is that we are changing the autoloader as well and are keeping the old system around for the restore of our systems if needed.

SO this is a clean and new install I really just want to keep the jobs not the catalog and the hardware media from the old server what do i do to make that happen.

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As said, that if you are upgrading from BE 12..5 to BE 2010 on the same server then just run the installer and it will upgrade. This will also upgrade the Catalog folder and the Catalog from the previous installation will be available in the BE 2010 too.

In case if you do not want the Catalog of old data in new BE 2010 then after the upgrade you can just delete the CATALOGS folder from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec (this is the default path if you have not changed it). Then you need to restart all Backup Exec services so that a new blank Catalog folder will be generated.

NOTE: By deleting the Catalog folder you will not be able to see old data for the restore. If you want to restore old data then you will again have to Catalog the old tape after which the data from the tape will be seen in the restore

Also for the hardware part, after you attach the new hardware and Inventory the tapes inside it, new hardware information wil be available in Backup Exec 2010. No need to worry about old hardware here.

Do check the Hardware compatibility List to know which hardware are supported.

Now incase if you are migrating from BE 12.5 to BE 2010 from one server to another then in that case there is no need to copy the CATLOGS folder from old server to new server.



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server A  running 12.5 connected to a del tape lib and jobs.

Server B  running 2010 connected to a hp 1/8 autoloader.

I want to simply bring the jobs over so i dotn need to rescript them.

I tried the copy solution you mentioned in the other artical however i dont have the option to copy to another media server only itself.

Also once i copy the jobs will they need to be edited in anyway to point to the new media ?

thanks in advance Sush!

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I followed this doc minus the catalog or tech50537

cause i dobnt need the catalog so basickly i did the steps 1 through 10 minus the step 9.

once this is done i am unable to start many of the services ....

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You need to follow step#9 if the new server has a different name.

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renameing occurs at step 8.

Step 9 seems to be about brining over the sql DB from the old server for the catalogs but I dont need the catalogs on my new server as i am using complety new hardware and software and the step 9 says to only do that if both servers are on the same OS which they are not.

old server is 2003 and new server is 2008.

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Step#9 is to migrate the database which has your jobs and settings. Catalogs are not part of the database.

So you need to follow Step 9 to migrate the database.

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Which service is not starting and what is the error message in the event viewer.

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but the data base is migrated in step 8 when you copy over the whole of the data folder the db is in there ...

so step 9 simply tells you to recopy the data fodler and to start the sql services.

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Just to confirm you are following article

In the above article step# 8 is update the new server name in the old database and step#9 is

to migrate the database.


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Referring to the technote " ",

STEp 8 is required as you have changed Backup Exec installation from one server to another. So to change the name of Data Partition in the Database step 8 is performed.

STEP 9 is also require because you are changing the database from one version of BE to another. So to upgrade the DB from BE 12.5 to BE 2010 step 9 will have to be performed.




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Ok so

so far I did steps TECH67296

AS well as TECH50537

And TECH49757

I cant get the software servers to load the services that will not start are

Processing services
Starting Backup Exec Server on 0MON-BKP-00.
Error starting the service Backup Exec Server on 0MON-BKP-00.  Error code returned:

Starting Backup Exec Job Engine on 0MON-BKP-00.
Error starting the service Backup Exec Job Engine on 0MON-BKP-00.
The dependency service or group failed to start.

Starting Backup Exec Agent Browser on 0MON-BKP-00.
Error starting the service Backup Exec Agent Browser on 0MON-BKP-00.
The dependency service or group failed to start.

old server windows 2003 new server windows 2008.

12.5      to 2010 r2

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The Backup Exec Server Service detected a schema version mismatch.

For more information, click the following link:

The Backup Exec Server Service did not start. An internal error (-536813108) occurred in object 1.

For more information, click the following link:

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I guess you have missed a step a tep thats the reason the services are not starting.

Start allover again and follow each and every step mentioned in the article.

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Follow the steps given below:

1) Stop all Backup Exec services and also SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) service

2) Go to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec..... (this is the default location if you have not changed the installation path)

3) Copy the DATA folder to Desktop

4) Started SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) service only

5) Go to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec

6) Run BeUtility.exe file.... click OK on the warning message

7) Select All Media Servers and right click on your media servername on the right side pane

8) Select the option COPY DATABASE..... this will open a small window with 2 Browse buttons

9) Click on the first BROWSE button and browse to the DATA folder saved on the Desktop

10) Select the BEDB_DAT.MDF file from this DATA folder which is saved on the Desktop

11) Now same way click on the second BROWSE button and select the BEDB_LOG.LDF file from the same DATA folder from desktop

12) After path for both the files are given on the Copy Database window ... CLick OK

13) Click OK or Yes if there is any message that Services needs to be restarted

14) Let the Copy database process be completed sucessfully

Now check if all the services are started and try to login into Backup Exec.



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