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upgrading from 12.5 to 2010 with server upgrade from 2003 to 2008

Created: 05 Aug 2010 • Updated: 20 Feb 2011 | 8 comments
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we are running backup exec 12.5 on server 2003 now, backing up to a data from local and 1 remote server to a data domain dd510. we are replacing are backup server and will be running server 2008 r2 and want to update to backup exec 2010. would the best route be to get the new server up and running with backup exec 12.5 and ensure connection back to our backups then do the upgrade to 2010? or would the upgrade to 2010 be best before the move to server 2008?


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 Upgrade BE12.5 to 2010 on your Win 2003 server. Install BE2010 on Win 2008 R2 and then migrate BE database.

 Refer to

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I'm working on the same thing here - 12.5 on 2003 (32-bit) to 2010 R2 on 2008R2 (64-bit) - and I'm really close to having a perfect transfer. In additon to moving the app, I'm also moving the database from the integrated SQL Express version (on the 12.5 server) to my main database server (SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008 server). Lots of moving parts.

Here's what I did:

1. Built a new 2008R2 server and installed 2010R2. During the install I told it to put the database on my SQL Server. No problems or errors at all - a clean install.

2. I stopped all the BE services on the old machine and the new one, copied all of the Catalog and Data directory files (except the msgq*.dat files) to the new server (overwriting any existing files).

4. I deleted the new BEDB database on the SQL Server, copied the bedb.mdf and bedb.ldf files from the old server to the main database server and attached those files. (Basically replacing the new database with the old one). Make sure you've stopped the SQLServer service on the old machine before you copy the files, otherwise you'll get errors when you try to attach the files to the new SQL server.

5. I renamed the partionname in the datapartition table to the new BE server name (Doc 319367).

6. I created the "Upgrade" and "Upgrade Version" registry keys on the new server and then ran the BEMIG.EXE utility to upgrade the database to the 2010 version (Doc 319367). Completed successfully.

7. I restarted all the BE services on the new server.

So far, so good. All the backup jobs are there, the job history is there, the config is correct, but a couple of things are not quite right. I had four Backup-To-Disk folders (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Test) on the old server (in Devices) under the Backup-To-Disk folder tree. Those showed up on the new server in Devices (missing the Backup-To-Disk top-level folder) under the old server name and then the four folders under that. Doc 319367 talks about that - the old server showing up with offline devices, and says to simply delete the old server by right-clicking and choosing Delete. And that's where I'm having an issue. Even though all the folders under that server show as offline, when I right-click on the server name Delete is grayed out, so there's no way to delete the old server and the offline folders.

8. Ignoring the old server issue, I recreated the backup-to-disk folders (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Test) on the new server. I then modified the policies that used those folders to make sure they pointed to the folders I just created. Seems the policies don't like that top-level "Backup-To-Disk" folder missing and can't find the new BtD folders I just created.

9. I ran an inventory on all the BtD folders to get the media int there to show back up. Note that I didn't copy the .bkf files from the old server to the new one. That's because those volumes are iSCSI-attached NTFS volumes so I just "moved" them from the old server to the new one, making sure to assign the same drive letters.

10. Ran an inventory on my changer just to make sure the new installation had the correct tape inventory data. (Probably wasnt' necessary, but I figured I wouldn't take any chances with inventory being our of sync.)

10. Deployed the 2010 Windows Agent on a test server and ran a backup to disk, and then a dup job to tape - both successful. Looks good so far. Now I need to upgrade the agents on all my other servers, verify all my selection lists are still OK then and run a full backup. I'll be doing that this evening.

So that's where I am at this point. A working 2010-R2 server that appears to be OK with the exception of the old server showing up under "Devices" and no way to delete it. I'm going to open a ticket and see if support has any ideas, but technically the upgrade path I took doesn't appear to be officially supported (32->64 bit on a new OS on a new server) so I may be out of luck.

Hope this helps.


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To remove the old server name from the BE console you will have to escalate the case to the Advance team of Backup Exec.

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Thanks for that info. I'm on the phone with support now trying to get them to send the ticket to the Advance team for resolution.


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I got a call back from support and they pretty much confirmed what I had figured out looking at the database tables. You have to go into the Devices table and find the device_id of the old server. The goal is to delete that record from the table, but referential integrity contraints are enabled (a good thing!) so if there are other references to this device_id (and there most likely are) you won't be able to delete the row from the table until you delete all the entities referencing the id. So...

First things first:
This is a risky procedure!!!! If you nuke the wrong data you can just about guarantee that only a reinstall will fix it, so be careful, and don't even think about doing this without a full database backup first!!!

Now that you have a full backup, here's how to proceed:

Look in the following tables:

If you see rows that reference the device_id of the old server, delete those rows. Once you've got all the "child" entities deleted go back to the Devices table and delete the row that references the old server. If it won't delete, it means you still have other references to the row in some other table. Take a look at the error message - you'll see the table that's giving you the problem  - go there and delete the referencing rows. Repeat as necessary until you can delete the old server row from the Devices table.

When you're complete restart all the BackupExec services and the old server will no longer show up in the Devices tab.


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Point 7 - much simpler than editing the BEDB...(at least the last time I tried it anyway)

With the offline B2D devices, right click the offline B2D and select the Online Option (which is usually not greyed out)
Accept the warning message
Then right click the device again and hey presto the Delete option is no longer greyed out.

Note in order to actually delete you will also have to make sure no jobs are currently set to use the device.

Also this will work with offline tape devcies after moving databases as well.