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upgrading to with Pure Disk MSDP pool

Created: 15 Aug 2013 • Updated: 15 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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I've a NetBackup environment with a large MSDP Pure Disk pool and I'm about to upgrade it to

My question relates to the Pure disk pool queue. Should I process the queued entries completely (until the queue is empty) before closing netbackup and performing the upgrade ...

..or ... If I allow the content router queue to finish processing its current batch, leaving a few thousand queued transactions , and then perform the upgrade.

I guess my question is : Will queued entries produced by be processed successfully at ?

I looked at the spoold log on the service I'm about to upgrade and also the test environment that I upgraded last week (with an empty queue) and the service has libcr version , and the service has libcr version 7.0005.0013.053 - but both use Protocol Version 6.6.1


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Probably best to log a support call with these questions....

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I have a few MSDP in multiple domains and upgraded while there was still data in the queue. Will your pool clear before the next backup window? That's the biggest thing.

As always make sure you have a good catalog to fall back on.

Good luck on what ever way you go.

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I had no issues going from v7.1.0.4 to v7.5.0.5 (via v7.5 of course) with my Windows based MSDP servers.  I certainly didn't clear the queue beforehand and there's nothing in the install guide to indicate as such.

It just takes a good while as v7.5 restarts NetBackup which of course means a full cache reload; after which you have to apply the latest patch.

I manually stopped NBU services using bpdown -v first; this helps as then you control the NBU services restart afterwards.

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Thanks for the replies  smiley

I waiting until the current batch had finished processing, which left approx. 8000 queue entries and then performed the upgrade to as per the guide and the remaining queue transactions successfully processed overnight.

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When I have done my upgrades on my MSDP servers I have never waited for the queue entries to finish processing.  What I do is make sure that the system isn't processing anything by running the following

<install_drive>\program files\veritats\pdde\crcontrol --processqueueinfo   on all of the MSDP servers.

As long as the Busy output returns NO then the MSDP is not doing anything and the upgrade can start.

I will then stop all services  bpdown -f -v on all of the servers, patch the master server first then patch all of the media servers after that.

The only thing (not an issue) that I have had is sometimes it takes the NBU Deduplication Engine a while to fully start (Once it was about 4 hours).  I forget exactly what Support told me the reason behind that was, but they basically said it was normal and nothing to worry about.

 I have done this from v7.1 to v7.5.0.6 and have not had any problems.  

Just wanted to share my past experiences since so many people have helped me here.  Also, thanks to the person from the support person that took a little time to explain how things worked on that Sunday afternoon when I thought I corrupted my entire MSDP pool.