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Upgrading the Database that BE 2012 uses

Created: 12 Jun 2012 • Updated: 12 Jun 2012 | 5 comments


We currently are running BE 2012 and it is using SQL 2005. We recently upgraded from BE 2010 and thought that upgrading the program would also upgrade the SQL instance that it would use. The server is running a SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 instance along with the 2005 instance. Is there a way to have backup exec use one of the SQL 2008 instances over the 2005? We want to get rid of 2005 due to it being end of lifed.


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You should be able to upgrade SQL Express 2005 to the latest version, or move the BEDB (not really recommended) to an SQL server.

Check the BE 2012 SCL below...specifically pg 20 which states which versions of SQL can be used to host the BEDB. Try keeping it local on your media server.

BEFORE doing any upgrade/movement of the BEDB, stop the services including the SQL service, and grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders.


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The SQL instances are all running on the same server that Backup Exec is running on. Do I need to go into SQL 2005 and unassociate the BE database with that platform, and then after associate the BE database to SQL 2008?

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No, you shouldn't have should be a straight-forward upgrade. You would have to run bemig to migrate the BEDB to the new version though. You'd run that from a command prompt.

Either way, with a copy of the Data/Catalogs folders, you can revert if need be.

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Thank you for the timely response. I will test this out first thing tomorrow.

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You would need to follow this procedure to move your BEDB

Although this document is for older versions of BE, it is still valid.  If the move does not work, then you would need to re-install BE.  In this case, save your Catalog and Data directory under the BE directory first.

Make sure that you do not use an existing production instance for your BEDB.  There will be times when the BEBD needs to be stopped and sharing it with production will disrupt things.