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Upgrading EV from 8.o4 to 10

Created: 03 Aug 2012 • Updated: 02 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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Hello ALL,

I wonder if anyone can advise me with the EV upgrade process/order from 8.0.4 to version 10.

Currently I have one EV 8.0 SP4 with remote SQL server. One EV storage group, two index locations, journaling enabled. All drives SAN based.  and my plan is to upgrade to 10 also to move EV server to a new windows 2008 64-bit hardware and to move the sql EV databases to a newly SQL 2008 server.

This is my high level plan:

  • in-place upgrade the current EV server to version 9.0 with latest SP.
  • Move the EV database which are currently on a remote sql 2005 server to a newly SQL 2008 box.
  • Install EV 9.0 on the new Windows 2008 server – keeping the same EV server name
  • Upgrade EV 9.0 to version 10.

I have not yet read what is new in EV 10 but I believe there are some new upgrade on this version with regards of indexing, do I need to be prepare for unexpected surprises things like incompatibilities or anything else.

I would also like to have a separate indexing for the journaling archiving so that when we search journal the process will be faster.

Any advice or suggestion will be much appreciated.

Enjoy the Olympic games..

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ZeRoC00L's picture

Your step from EV9 to EV10 can be done with the EV Server Settings Migration Wizard.

First upgrade to EV9 on the current server., then install EV 10 on the new box, run the wizard on the 'old' server, copy data, run the wizard on the new server and continue with EV 10.

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Thank you for your quick respond ZeRoCOOL.

I will certainly go through this wizard but just wanted to confirm a couple of things.

is this tool is a requirement? is the tool to convert EV from 32 bit to 64 bit environment.

I am planning to keep the same name server will I be able to keep the same name while I am using this wizard.


TonySterling's picture

No, the Server Settings Migration Wizard isn't a requirement but it makes things quite a bit easier.  If you don't use it you will need to upgrade to EV 9 on your 32 bit server and then do a Data-only DR to EV 9 on the 64 bit server and then upgrade to EV 10.

You can keep the same server name, it just means that only one server can be on the network at a time.

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Cheers guys,

If I decided to use the migration wizard then on the new 64-bit server I will start installing EV 10. I suppose I do not need to run the config wizard just import the migration file that was exported from the previous EV server.