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Upgrading from LogicBase 2007 to Symantec Workflow 7.1

Created: 27 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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We have clients who currently use LogicBase 2007 and we are looking to upgrade them "seamlessly" to Workflow 7.1. I installed Workflow 7.1 on a machine that had LogicBase 2007 installed (which I have read you cannot do according to the upgrade instructions so therein may be my issue). I cannot access open tasks that were submitted using the LB2007 workflow process. File-based persistence was set for both. The files exist in the Program Files\Transparent Logic\Data folder, just can't work the tasks. Browsing WorkflowManagementService.aspx shows that the task count for all my previous processes is at 0 (although I did not work any of those tasks).

We just need a way to have customers with "old" tasks in process to be able to upgrade and pick up where the process left off. Most customers plan on using the same web server for the new WF install on which they currently have LB2007.

Any tips are appreciated!

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Hi NancyM,

Did you check following things?

1) What exchange config are the processes using? By default the parameter LBExchangeWorkflowQueue in properties.config points to local.workflow-.

2) To what exchange points the local.workflow- config (if these processes use it) - it is usually an alias config? Pointed config also can be an alias (like LBME.Workflow-) so the final config must be found.

3) Is it possible to run new instances of processes and continue them without problems? If yes is it possible to notice if theirs messeges are stored somewhere inside Data folder?

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Thank you for your help, AnaMan!

1) properties.config does show local.workflow- as the default.

2) When I open SymQ Configuration > Workflow_Core to look at the exchanges, I see:  

  • local.workflow- delivers to LBME.Workflow-
  • LBME.Workflow- delivers to queue LocalWorkflowFileStorage-
  • I found the final config to be LocalWorkflowFileStorage-, in which I updated the path to the files to reflect the right path to the Data\MQFileStorage directory. (The old path was looking to Transparent Logic\Logic Base 2007\Server Extentions\..\Data\MQFileStorage.) I did get a prompt about losing in-process data when making changes to Exchange, though. Said yes to it because I'm just playing around but shouldn't that be concerning in a production environment?

3) Yes, new processes do work. I do see the new submission in the Transparent Logic\Logic Base 2007\Data\MQWorkflowFileStorage directory. I see all my old ones in there too, but still cannot work the tasks. (To work them, I am going to the WorkflowManagementService.asmx page in IIS to pull up the tasks. I get a blank screen when using the GetCurrentTasks method and input the workflow tracking ID for the old process)

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LocalWorkflowFileStorage- should never point to MQFileStorage because this folder is for config settings (e.g. logging level) storage and is used only by LocalFileStorage-.

As a response from GetCurrentWorkflowTask method do you get a completely blank page or short XML fraze with ArrayOfWorkflowTaskResult tag? The former could indicate an exception.

Each process uses three folders for different message types. All of them have name beginning like localwofklowfilestorage-<Process Service ID> and different endings: tasks, assignments, processes.

Are you absolutely sure that all older messages of these three types are placed in the same proper folders where the new messages now are stored?