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Upgrading to version 10.0.1-2 on 8340

Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

Hi, I know this is kind of silly to ask, but still hoping to get some clarifications.

I was reading through the the update description and under the "Unsupported platforms" section, it is stated that the 8340 was listed as unsupported with a condition. 

"(8220, 8240, 8260, 8320 purchased on or before May 2008 (based on the Optiplex GX745 platform), and 8340 (PowerEdge 860 version) purchased on or before November 2008 hardware platforms are unsupported.)"

We have a SMG 8340 appliance that was puchased in June 2009. So based on above description, i can still proceed with the upgrade right?

If thats the case, technically the 8340 is capable of upgrading to version 10.0.1-2 right? Will the 8340 bootup and function in this version?

My next question is how does Symantec determines whether the SMG appliance is supported or not for the new version release. It seems to me that the SMG 8340 whether before or after November 2008 are actually the same hardware specifications.

Any ideas?

Thank You and Regards,


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The software has no way of knowing when you bought the appliance. This statement is based off the hardware specifications of the appliances sold before that date. Since you have a newer appliance you will have enough RAM, hard drive space, processor speeds, etc. to support the latest version.

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To further clarify, and I just realized this after reading your comments, the older version is based on the PowerEdge 860 platform, as stated in the patch notes. Well, I got the Dell service tag of my appliance from the show -i command and plugged that into the Dell Support website. It turns out my appliance is a PowerEdge R200, not a PowerEdge 860. So I'm assuming that the R200 is the post November 2008 platform used by the 8340, and is therefore suitable for upgrading?

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It sounds like you are up to specifications then. Just for futur reference, it would still boot up, you would just have a lot of resource related issues if you started to send much mail through it.

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I did a check on the dell support site using the service tag as mention by joho0. Mine is a R200 as well.