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Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 7 comments
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Hi Team,

How to find the throughput of a completed job which is not shown in the java console.



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Check bpbkar log on the client. You should have entries similar to

tar_base::backup_finish: TAR - backup:                          15114 files

tar_base::backup_finish: TAR - backup:          file data:  995460990 bytes  13 gigabytes

tar_base::backup_finish: TAR - backup:         image data: 1033197568 bytes  13 gigabytes

tar_base::backup_finish: TAR - backup:       elapsed time:        649 secs     23099898 bps

Divide data transferred by seconds and you'll get the speed 

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Or if that's not available, just take the same info (amount backed up & time) from the job details , bpimagelist output or the client backups report......

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Hi Mate,

We dont have client access and i have used the below commands but no luck

bpgetdebuglog INVLDNVMGMM1 bpbkar 100212
Could you please five me any other way.
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Hi Andy,

Backed Up         Expires       Files       KB  C  Sched Type   Policy
----------------  ---------- -------- --------  -  ------------ ------------
10/07/2012 08:49  INFINITY     370321 106101468  N  Full Backup  PAT-PROD-VCB2
10/05/2012 03:35  10/19/2012    17110  6428711  N  Differential PAT-PROD-VCB2
10/04/2012 00:54  10/18/2012    21406  6902519  N  Differential PAT-PROD-VCB2
10/02/2012 18:33  10/16/2012    11868  6999094  N  Differential PAT-PROD-VCB2
10/02/2012 04:18  10/16/2012    14322  6912556  N  Differential PAT-PROD-VCB2
How to find the throughput in the above o/p
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Just divide this number 106101468 on number of seconds it took to backup?

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If you use bpimagelist -l then you could do a bit of strategic 'pruning' of the output:


bpimagelist -l -client client_name -hoursago 24|grep "^IMAGE"|awk '{print $15 " " $19}'
340 585178

so 585178/340 ~= 1721 Kb/s

DOCUMENTATION: What are the different fields in "bpimagelist -l" output?


*Exactly* the same info can be gleaned from the 'Client Backups' report in the Admin Console GUI (it does use bpimagelist - with slightly different options - afterall to produce it's output!), just make sure you've editted the GUI if necessary to provide you with the relevant columns.

e.g. same output from report as above:

Kilobytes    Elapsed Time
585178            00:05:40

For info:

DOCUMENTATION: The command line equivalents for running the NetBackup reports available in the NetBackup user interface

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Hi Anty,

Thanks you verymuch its worked.