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Urgent Help - Restoring NTFS Permissions Only (no data)

Created: 19 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

Hi guys,

We regularly back up a volume presented from a NetApp SAN. It would appear that someone has f'ed up the permissions a share within the volume.

Is it possible to use BEXEC to restore only the permissions of a shared folder back to the one in use?

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This technote might help assuming you want to restore share permissions on a Folder (NTFS)

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In BE there is an option to restore security which restores permissions as well however only permissions cannot be restored....if u have backed up data from that volume...than restore the required files that should do the trick however if permissions have changed at the root level i.e volume u might have to restore volume to get permissions working...this option is found in restore job under settings | general | restore security....

Hope this helps...

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If this is a share level (CIFS)  backup from a NetApp device then I don't think we can backup or restore the security permissions applied to the folders located inside the share. Share level backups do have limitations and I believe the backup and restore of security ACLs may be one of those limtations (unable to perform incremental backups and generally poor performance are other issues often seen that relate to share level backups)

If this is an iSCSIS LUN presented from the NetApp to a Windows server running our remote agent then you should be able to restore the persmissions based on the information others have already given

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Most likely its a lun presented to server as stated above so suggested the same

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Security Permission of an NTFS integrated in the volume and is file level

However Share permission is stored in the registry and is user level

I am assuming you want to restore the share permissions of a Netapp lun presented to windows and it shows as a regular NTFS volume (using iscsi)

While backing up a volume security permissions are also backed up however share permissions of the entire server is backed up if you do a state state backup as it backs up registry too

If you have not done a system state backup you cant restore your sharing permissions but only security permissions

If you have done a system state backup u can restore the sharing permissions of all the shares in both C: and D:, along with this it will back date your registry (not a cool thing to do)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Shares stores the sharing permission

Review this MS KB for more backing up and restoring share level permission

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These information are stated in the documents referenced earlier.  Why are you repeating it?

Also, Colin Weaver has stated earlier that share permission may not have been backed up when backing up a share, so this information is irrelevant.

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Kunal restoring system state would not be a good you are aware only system state restore can cause an issue apart from that article provided is for windows 2000 and windows 2003. Colin has already mentioned that if data was backed up from cifs share without remote agent permissions cannot be restored...