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Usage of Media Transfer Protocol to transfer data

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 9 comments
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Can DLP Endpoint catch data transferred using MTP protocol (Connect a smart phone to the endpoint, enable MTP and copy data to the phone's SD card). If yes, what protocol needs to be monitored? We have noticed that MTP does seem to fall under 'removable storage' protocol and does not log any incident if MTP is used to copy data to a phone

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that is something i am looking at now as this is being discussed specifically with a client as the Samsung phones use the MTP along with the tablets. we are seeing what we can do as a 64 gig sd card or a phone can copy out a lot of data and you will never know it. Do you have SEP, as we are looking @ both to find out which one gives us the best solution.

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We have SEP.. our onsite team is also looking at SEP to solve this problem.

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Is there a program on the endpoint devices that enables the MTP transfer? If so, you can find out the executable and create an application monitoring profile for the endpoints.

This si the same approach that was there when it came to Bluetooth.


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Thanks Ronak, This helps, as we were also looking for a solution to block Bluetooth usage. I will test this and see how it works for us.

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Did you guys find an executable for MTP or Bluetooth? I am also interested in this.

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The bluetooth executable is already in the DLP platform. It is called Microsoft Windows Bluetooth and is already registered in the Application Monitoring (fsquirt.exe).

I am not sure about the MTP transfer

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I found that MTP used WudfHost.exe for Protocol in Windows. I think we can registered in the Application Monitoring and add WudfHost.exe to monitor.

cause i don't have any Lab, can someone try this for me ?


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If you wanted to block only confidenhtail data than you should add class ID of that SD card devices. you should also take help of DLP application monitoring and control feature.

In short the services which helps to copy any data tranfer throgh some device driveres for medium bluetooth, wifi,usb,SD card can be blocked.