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USB 2.0 Drive Ghost problem

Created: 01 Apr 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

Using Symantec Solution Suite 2.5, and running the Boot Disk wizard, I made a boot disk to image some Dell 1950 servers. I boot to the DVD, it runs the WinPE disk and starts Ghost. In Ghost I try to create an image of the server, selectt the OS volumes as my source and choose the image file to be saved to the connected USB2.0 1.5TB drive.

I select Fast compression and go, and it comes back with an error:

Cannot create image file F:\<filename>
Win32 error: (0x00000005)
Access is denied.

The external USB 2.0 disk is formatted NTFS, which I thought might be the problem but I can't see how any other file system will work, FAT32 only goes up to I think 32GB. The only permissions on the external drive are Everyone > Full Control.

I'm not sure if this is a permissions problem or a problem with Ghost itself. Looking for a little help.

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 Moving this post to the Ghost forum where you may find more people who can answer this question.

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NTFS format should not be a problem. Could you try to create a file in this location using another application such as notepad to see if it is writable?

It almost looks like it is trying to create a file with an existing folder name or something. Could you try creating a sub folder and create the image there to make sure there are no files with similar names?


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The issue here is, when you select OS volumes, you are telling Ghost to image every volume connected to this machine. So Ghost is trying to create an image of your onboard drives as well as the USB drive you have plugged into the machine while trying to write that image back to the very same USB drive.

Try this; create a boot cd and then try OS volumes and then see if you can select the USB drive to save your image to.

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James is absolutely correct. To add to his comments - I dont think OS volumes drive is the one you want to image. It is the real disks (1,2,3,4...) that you want to pick, not OS volumes with disk id=80.

OS volumes is a special "virtual" disk to allow you to capture all volumes that are currently mounted by OS, aka full system backup. This special "OS volumes virtual disk" is presented as a GPT disk to ghost and it will include your USB volume as well. If you really are after cloning OS volumes disk then dont select "disk to file" but select "partition to file" and then carefully select all volumes but your USB one.