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USB drive sets status to "offline", but can be set "online" and works.

Created: 14 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

A client uses BE 2010 R3 (v 13.0 rev 5204). It is installed on a Windows 2003 Std. server. Overall it is healthy.

They use a rotation of 3 external USB drives, the third recently added to the rotation.

The original two are recognized quite well and backups start and finish smoothly.

The newest addition seems to want to set the status to "offline", but if I turn it to "online" the backups seem to work just fine.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Dean.

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Please check below link

And check below link which mention how to configure USB disk as backup to disk on Backup Exec

Hope that helps



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For this problem disk, assuming that it is online, does it goes offline in  when you eject the disk from the OS?

When you plug in this disk again, are you able to see it in Windows Explorer?

BE takes its cue from the OS.  When a disk a unpluggged/plugged in, BE gets a notification from the OS and its status is updated accordingly.  This assumes that the disk is plugged directly into the media server. Otherwise, BE will not get any notification from the OS and will be unable to put the disk online.

Another possibility why it is not put online is when there is a low disk space condition on this problem disk.

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Thanks all for your input; so far nothing seems related, so I've asked the client to have me teach her about how to set them on-line as needed; since she physically knows what drives are swapped when it may help nail down exactly what is the source of the failure points. I'll update the post if/as I learn more.