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Use of ArchiveExplorerAllowHiddenFolders

Created: 13 Jun 2013 • Updated: 18 Jun 2013 | 2 comments
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Hello All,

Please provide me with details of implementation and effect of option: ArchiveExplorerAllowHiddenFolders in webapp.ini file.



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How to implement:

You can modify the behavior of the Web Access application by creating an
initialization file that is called WebApp.ini and placing it into the Enterprise Vault
program folder on the computer that runs the Web Access application.
Within WebApp.ini, each line has the following format:
setting = value
where setting is the name of the setting and value is the value that you want to
assign to it.
Note the following:
- Entries in this file are case-sensitive.
- The file must be saved with ANSI encoding.

(If webapp.ini file already exists on given path then you just need to add below entry)

Effect of option ArchiveExplorerAllowHiddenFolders:

If you set ArchiveExplorerAllowHiddenFolders=9 then users can see "hide" button to hide empty folders in archive explorer.

Hiding and showing mailbox folders
To hide a folder, right-click the folder in the Archive Explorer tree, and then click Hide Folder.
To make the hidden subfolders visible in a parent folder, expand the parent folder in the Archive Explorer tree, then right-click the parent folder and click Show Folder. The Show Folder option is only available if you have expanded a folder and it contains hidden subfolders.

Note the following:

  • When you hide or show folders, other users concurrently accessing your mailbox archive will not see the changes unless they refresh their Archive Explorer tree view.
  • Microsoft IIS caches Web Access application scripts by default for 30 days. This means that users may not initially see the new Hide Folder and Show Folder options unless they delete their Internet Explorer temporary Internet files (select Tools > Internet Options, and then click the Delete Files button on the General tab).
  • The Hide Folder and Show Folder menu options and dialogs are currently always displayed in English, regardless of the language selected.
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Is there any specific reason behind implementing this key?