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Use of Backup started option in netbackup vault

Created: 14 Mar 2012 • Updated: 03 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

Can some one please explain me the brief description about Backup started option in netbackup vault profile?

If the session started on 25th Jan12 to till date ,here we have lot of images on disk. In the case how can i give the start day and end day?

how the vault profile duplicate the image? is it randomly

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For example:

If the date now is Tue 13 March and it is 19:00

You have the settngs

Backups started between xx days  yy hours ago and ff days hh hours ago.

If I set it like this :

Backups started between 10 days and 0 hours ago and 0 days 5 hours ago ..

It would consider duplicating the images from 3rd March 19.00 and 13 March 14.00.

You can adjust this to go back a greater number of days,

Top tip :

When setting the date range for which you want the images to be duplicated, set it for longer than you need. For example, if you wish to duplicate any mage written in the past 24 hrs, set the range for 36 hrs. Occasionally, if nbpem starts a job a little later than normal, it can be possible Vault would miss this image. This will not happen if the range is set as I have explained. Any images already duplicated will not be duplicated again, so setting the range like this will not cause an issue.

Going back to the 25th Jan is probably may images, are you sure your environment can cope with this many images. 

Have you calculated if you have enours hors in the day (and enough drives) to run our backups, and duplicate what you backed up day.  Have you then got enough resourse to duplicate almost 2 months of extra images.

Vault batches images up for duplication - it is not random.



Regards,  Martin
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Thanks for your explonation.

I need more calrfication on this. can you please clearly explain me.

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What part are you not sure of ?

Regards,  Martin
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Can you clearly explian me the start day and end day?

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Backups started between aa days and bb hours ago and ee days ff hours ago ..

This is simply the time periods it will look between to consider images for duplication.

This is easier ...

Backups started between 2 days and 00 hours ago and 00 days 00 hours ago .

If the time is Thu / 13:00 when I run the profile ...

Vault will consider for duplication the images made between Tue at 13.00 until the moment I run the job.

If I make it ....

Backups started between 2 days and 00 hours ago and 00 days 2 hours ago .

Vault will consider images betwen Tue 13.00 and today 11.00 (2 hours ago).

All images are considered, but will only be duplicated if they match the other selection criteria set in the vault profile, and, have not already been duplicated.


Regards,  Martin
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