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Use dedicated backup network to back up cluster resources

Created: 02 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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I'm trying to backup remote cluster server using dedidate LAN but it fails always. I'm able to ping the remote IP without any issue and also have added host entries in media server as well. I'm using the same LAN for all the backup job and all the servers works fine but the cluster server is the one which fails always(AD is the one in cluster.) SGMon log in media server reports the following:

Backup Exec 2012 SP2

   Found agent record 5 for
BESERVER: [10/02/13 14:31:47] [8080]     01 Server Configuration: Client removed: 23
BESERVER: [10/02/13 14:31:47] [8080]     -1 Client 'A-SG1-BKUP01' Disconnected:0x28806800
BENETNS:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [3288]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.729                      -         Disconnected from BE Database.
BENETNS:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [3288]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.729                      - NRDS API - client disconnected.
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpEstablishConnectionUsingGivenSubnet: '' and '' were not found to be on the same subnet
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - Could not connect to any of the remote addresses using subnet: '' and mask: ''
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpEstablishConnectionUsingNetworkOptions: Could not connect to the remote host through NIC: 'Backup Lan Teaming'
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpConnectEx: unable to connect using NetworkOptions to
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpConnectEx: no NIC fallback to
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.730 [loops]              - NDMPAgentConnector::Connect: ndmpConnectEx() failed on server, port: 0.
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.731 [loops]              - NDMPAgentConnector::HandleConnectionError: ndmpConnect failed: The remote machine was not detected on the selected subnet via network interface Backup Lan Teaming, and the 'Fallback' option was not chosen.
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.731 [loops]              - IsLocalAgent:beclass::BEConvertServerNamePlus returned error: 87
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.731 [loops]              - NDMPRAHostPreScanEngine::ConnectToDataServer() failed. Error = 0xE0000F02.
BENGINE:  [10/02/13 14:31:47] [7732]     2013-10-02T14:31:47.731 [loops]              - NDMPHostPreScanEngine:ConnectToDataServer() failed for machine

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Do you cluster groups have IP address on both subnets as to get this to work not only do you need a physical network card in each node of the cluster attached to the second subnet, but the cluster group for whatever you are sharing in the cluster also needs IP addresses on that subnet.

Once you have this you need to make sure that the mediaserver resolves all the cluster nodes and all clsuter group resource names by both short hostname and FQDN to the IP adresses that apply to your backup subnet.

It is possibly you may also need name resolution from the cluster nodes back to media server to resolve the media server into the correct subnet as well.