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User data folder once full , what are the options

Created: 08 Jul 2013 | 1 comment
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In DLO once ser network folder when used with DLO 7.5 gets full according  to quota set , the ser gets a warning in DLO console .

1) Questions :

Is there a way to pop up this messgae on the machine , so tht ser does not have to login to the console to get this warning . For all we know user might not even login to client DLO console and hence might not be aware tht is network is full.

2) If his network does get full , what are the options , how do they clear space from network folder. THe issue is the limit in our environment is 1 GB and once tht gets full , what is the option for users . Clear space from storage location ?? what is the best practise .

Because when de dup is used most of the data is stored as pointers to actual file and actual data will be there in DLO database , what is the option here .

What does Symantec propose to client when the network location of users get full


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1.As of now there are no pop ups to indicate agent user that NUDF is full, Warnings will be generated on agent UI and also on Admin console UI(Alerts Tab). Also you can configure alerts to know about the status of NUDF and DUDF for users(To configure alerts follow the steps mentioned in admin guide Page No 183 section name “Configuring Alerts for Notification”).

2.If you are allowing users to back up more than 1GB of data then you need to increase the quota OR
  If you feel some unused data has been backed and you wish to clean up the space then follow the steps mentioned in admin guide Page No 285 under section "Viewing Usage Details"->Remove Deleted Files.
  After following steps it will delete the data from NUDF and it will decrease the reference count for deleted files in database, and but the actual data still be present in the dedupe storage location as in future if that user (or some other user)backed up same data it will just increase the reference count but it will not backup once again, that is what the advantage of DE duplication…
  If you still want to clean up those unreferenced data from dedupe storage location then run the Garbage Collection Utility(Refer admin Guide section “Garbage Collection Utility”).