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User Defined "Right Click" Options

Created: 12 Mar 2014 | 1 comment

Hi there,

I am looking to extend the some of the "right click" capablities of the Altiris tool.  One of the things I have in mind was retiring machines from within the console.  

At the moment you have to right click and retire the machine from the CMDB functions menu.  We do this on the Parent and then our child server.

What I would like really like to happen is to Retire the machine in one place and have it Retire the machine on the Parent and have the statuis applied to the child server at the same time.

Can you create a task to to this? and can you add this a a custom right click option.

Or can I create a SQL script and pass in the GUID of the machine instead.


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Igor Perevozchikov's picture


as far as I know, if client computer was redirected to another NS server, then NS server will send batch events to another NS servers in hierarchy, to let them know that this client computer is now managed by me, therefore another NS servers will know about this changed state.

However I don't know, whether such event appears and delivers to all NS servers in hierarchy in case if client computer was retired on one of NS servers. (I didn't test such scenario) - Probably you can check, if you will set client computer as retired on Parent Server, then will this event happens on other child servers?

If it works, otherwise, you will don't need such right click action :)



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