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User Details in the Advanced Incident Form

Created: 18 Jun 2013
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Something I've always found a bit odd is that the Advanced Incident form goes to the trouble of querying the SMP CMDB to get its information on the users phone number and address. Once it has this information it seems to do nothing with it.  On submitting a ticket the requestors details are not updated.

I know the ServiceDesk user details are synced in from AD but wouldn't it make sense to show the ServiceDesk's version of these details or alternatively have them update from the SMP if they are found?

Once you have a created incident ticket the requestor details shown in the process details are from the ServiceDesk users account.  So if you're not syncing your CMDB with AD and your ServiceDesk with the same AD then these details could be inconsistent.

Is this a bug?  Or perhaps an over-sight?  Or perhaps I've missed something?

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