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User gets repeated prompt for logon

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 06 Dec 2012 | 10 comments
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I have one user with outlook 2010 and the http only EV addin that keeps getting constant prompts to log in.

what could be causing this?



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just one user affected? have a look at the prompt they're getting yourself. if it's EVSERVER\username make sure that they change it to DOMAIN\username, put in their domain password, check the save button, and hit ok.

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Could be a few things, you should start with this:

Users are prompted for username and password when attempting to open Enterprise Vault (EV) archived items.
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thanks Tony.. turns out the stored logon creds were wrong

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Rats. Thought that having the wrong creds was the issue but its not.

I cleared the incorrect creds for evault, then entered the right creds when EV prompted.

However the EV addin logon prompt still pops up. The name is correct but the password field is empty.

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Just as a matter of interest when is it prompting?
Randomly or when opening an archived item?

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I think he has save his outlook password on some another client and now he is change his passwor. So on another system will try to access with old password.

Thats why the account locked countinusly.

Thanks In Advance...

Syed Saied

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The account itself (in AD) is not locked out. This person only has one PC and does not use their AD credentials anywhere else. 

The prompt seems to pop up randomly

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Normally this is an issue with the URL being accessed missing from local intranet, security settings in IIS not allowing automatic login in intranet zone, or a proxy getting in the way (PAC file issues). The last one I saw on the forum for a single user turned out to be the wrong default browser, so check that also.

Failing that, post us a client log please so we can take a look



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Sorry to comment on a 2 months old post however I have a user who has tried all this already and he is still being prompted to enter user credentials while opening an archived item.

Strangely though what is happening is, It is only happening with mails inside a shared mailbox with attachments. He gets error "Your account does not have access to the vault containing this item. Try using the same logon details as you would use to log on to Microsoft Exchange Server. Alternatively you may ask your Help Desk to grant you access to the Vault. Do you want to log on to Enterprise Vault under another account?"

If he clicks no, the mail opens without attachment.

If he clicks yes, and enter his normal windows credentials, prompt keeps coming back.

If he clicks yes, and enter VSA credentials, mail open just fine along with the attachment.

I've never seen anything of this kind before. Was wondering if anybody has any idea where the connection is breaking.