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User Interface SEP (small business)

Created: 18 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Just started testing SEP (small business) 12.

It's probably not important to many others, but I don't understand why the UI seems to be made up of two different designs. You have the main window, which looks much like a cartoon graphic, and then you have all the small sub-windows that look like something that a grownup might use. Any thoughts on why Symantec couldn't make the whole UI business like rather than the way it is?

Pictures attached to illustrate:

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Not really sure what answer to give here as I don't know if you'll ever get one (other than from a Symantec employee) but perhaps this was decided upon after going through all the beta testing.

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Most software companies make it almost impossible to contact those who actually design their products, but I thought I'd post here anyway, just in case someone from Symantec is reading.

I did call up Customer Care and they gave me an email address to check out, so I'll do that this morning and see what turns up.

It just drives me crazy to see a fine product that looks either half finished, or designed by two different departments, or made to look like a child's toy in the front end. Other companies are also guilty of doing this and I'm at a loss as to why they do it.