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User Login Report

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 10 comments
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Hi Guys ,

Need help with retreiving report of "User Login" in Enforce .. I need to know which user logged in, at what time and when did he sign out ? ..

Can I get that type of report to send to a Manager ? ..

Need some quick response..

Thanks !

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Check this artical may be help

Auditing/Monitoring of User Activity in DLP

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Hi Ashish ,

I do not have the option AUDITLOG on my Enforce Console. What do i do abt that ?

Is there no way preloaded in DLP we can monitor User Activity ? ..

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You need to log into the Oracle DB and connect to protect to find out the AUDITLOG table.

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You can connect to DLP Oracle database and run the following query:


select p.USERID,p.Name,u.AssumedRoleName,u.IPADDRESS,u.LOGONTIME,u.LOGOFFTIME

where p.USERID = u.USERID
The result will be some like this:
41,"dlp-user","dlp-remediator","","2012-11-09 14:23:46","2012-11-09 14:23:46"
1,"Administrator",(null),"","2012-11-23 07:47:31","2012-11-23 07:49:18"
You can use the Auditlog as yang_zhang said but the Auditlog don't have the logoff information.
Hope this help...
Eduardo Barcelos
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@ Eduardo .. I dont think this way would be aprreciated by a Manager who would like a well organised report of User Acivity. Anyother way apart from this ?? ..

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Is there any way, where I can see a systematic report of User Actions .. What all actions have been done by a particular User on the Enforce or Endpoint ? ..

I would like a quick response ..

Thanks ..

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The Auditlog table has to be accessed from Oracle and what are the commands should i enter to access a User's details like :

Login Dates and Time
User Activity on Enforce
Log Out Time
What changes has the user made on the system .

Please advise .. its a bit Urgent ! ..

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open a support ticket, they might help with the script.

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@ pete ..If at all the script is ready, the Administrator has to go to Oracle to view the reports or he can see dem on Enforce ? .. And can it be customized in such a way where the Admin can select a particular user and see all activites on the Enforce only ??

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The SQL script help you to know the audit information.