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user migration - mapped network drives

Created: 18 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

How do you get user migration to capture user's mapped network drives?

User's complain that after we reimage their PC, they are missing all their mapped network drives under "My Computer".

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Would I be right in inferring that the drives are mapped manually by the users, rather than the more conventional method using login scripts?

If they are manually mapped, I believe the solution would require a custom script of some sort, to capture all the existing drive mappings and then restore them after re-imaging.

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Yes, the drives are mapped manually by the users.

The problem is that we have so many users with so many different drives they map to. We do not have the staff to support managing login scripts for all the changes that would constantly need to be made. The user's home directories are mapped via login script, but their other department directories, ect. are not.

Does anyone have a script that does this by any chance? Any other ideas?

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Use windows explorer in the migration template. It migrates other stuff as well but also network drives.