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User not getting notification once ticket is assigned

Created: 16 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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We are on ServiceDesk 7.1 and have an issue with a user who does not gets an email / notification when a ticket is assigned to him. So ideally a ticket is created and then assigned to user's group and ultimately to the user. As per the process he should recieve a notification email stating that a ticket is assigned to him, however, its not happening.

We have not got anyone else talking about it so considering he is the only user who is facing this issue. Have checked around and found most of the posts are referencing to Workflows. However, was wondering if there are any checks or troubleshooting steps we can follow instead of jumping on Workflow as the issue is just with 1 user.

Any pointers / guidance / advise would be great.



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More specifically, sd.incidentmanagement#.log around the time incident was created/assigned.

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If that user creates an incident do they get a notification? Has the account been updated recently in AD and reflected in Process Manager? Those are the two things that I would check first.

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@Aryanos: Hi... Yes for both questions... He gets a notification if he is a user in that incident and AD account is synced properly...

@Toomas: I checked in the Log Viewer while we were raising a test incident... did not find any traces of it...

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Hi ...   I am going to ask the simple question here.  I ran in to this a week ago.   Is there any rules that might be firing off in the e-mail client or mail server per user that is killing the e-mail before it is going very far?  I know... stupid question but I had someone who used rules and redirected it out.  

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Hey Jamie,

No question is Stupid :) and infact this is one of a step should be considered while troubleshooting and was in this case..

First thing I checked was the rules, if any.. but there are none... so something needs to be looked in SD side...

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Is he notified when the ticket is assigned to the group?

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