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User in the right provisioning group but getting provisioned for EV

Created: 13 Oct 2010 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi, running EV 2007 SP 5. Have a user who's been here for a few years now (e.g. not a new user not getting captured by the provisioning task) who just reported she's never had EV. I verified this by logging into OWA & there's no OWA buttons available.

She's in the correct target group but EV console doesn't show her as having an account. I tried to enable her for EV but the search for "new mailboxes" on Exchange does not show her account either.

EV service account has full access to her mailbox. Any thoughts ? Thanks

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sounds like she's disabled then!

go to your SQL Server and then run the following query

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT * FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry WHERE MbxAlias LIKE 'whoever%'

Check to see what the different mbx status is and whether she has a default vault ID assigned etc

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oh and check your provisioning reports to make sure they're running in full logging, then check the log files to make sure she is being picked up by the right group and whether it shows any errors in assigning her to anything

is it possible her name changed at somepoint (maybe due to marriage?) it could be that EME has the old name and not the new name

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We used to have similar problems with users who could not be enabled properly or where archiving did not work:

maybe the "top level of information store" (i.e. "Outlook Today") folder of that mailbox is blocked somehow so the hidden message cannot be placed/recognized properly.

Check by using Outlook advanced find to list any item in the mailbox, look if there is anything in the folder "Top of information store" - if yes, move or delete it, the folder needs to be empty.
If there is already a hidden message it will not be deleted this way as you cannot see it from Outlook, so it is "safe".
Try again.

If the hidden message is already there and it still does not work/sync try to zap the mailbox or use Outlook Spy e.g. to find the message and delete it. Maybe MFCMAPI might work as well.
The mailbox then can be reenabled in the EV server GUI again.

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open console, goto targets. rightclick Exchange, then Display policies assigned to mailboxes.

fill in username make sure all exchange servers are selected.

You should see which provisioning group the user is in, which policies are assigned.

Is the provisioning group correct?

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Hi, I rightclick on the Exchange server hosting the mailbox & there's no Display policies button.

To answer the other q's, the user's not disabled. nor is there a change of name (her old smtp alias wd have displayed in her exchange smtp aliases.

She's also not showing up in the provision report. (tho she's part of the correct target group)

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I also ran the SQL query. For my acct it returns archivestate/mailbox entry info. Not for the user's Exchange alias.

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT * FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry WHERE MbxAlias LIKE 'whoever%'

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in that case the user isnt being provisioned what so ever

check the provisioning logs and find out whats going on and see if the user is listed there