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User Synchronization between CMDB and Service Desk

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Does anyone have a link to the documentation that specifically explains synchronization of users from Asset/CMDB to Service Desk?  I am looking for where this is defined in Service Desk and have struck out with both the Service Desk and Asset/CMDB documentation.

I understand that Asset/CMDB has users that actully login to the application and users that are a resource in the application. 

When I create a user resource in Asset/CMDB it is somehow getting transferred to Service Desk as a user.  We have what I call a one way sync from Active Directory to both Asset/CMDB and Service Desk (import users only, no deletion of users) however the user resource that I created in Asset/CMDB which appeared in Service Desk as a user is not in Active Directory.

Our users come from 6 different sources, with no common unique identifier between the sources and individuals may be duplicated with different relationships in multiple sources.  We maintain our users as resources in Asset/CMDB thru custom data classes and workflow processes.  After attending education I was under the impression that since we are unable to use the Active Directory functionality we would need to develop a custom process to syncronize Asset/CMDB user resources with Service Desk users.  My impression must have been wrong.

Any input on managing users without AD functionality would be appreciated.

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There is no synchronization of users between ServiceDesk and CMDB. ServiceDesk imports/syncs users from AD (AD Sync). 

Provided that Use Asset Management Solution is enabled in ServiceDeskSettings, user information (Asset/Resource information) for these same users in CMDB can be used. There will be calls from ServiceDesk projects into CMDB in runtime for user information from CMDB (for example, in SD.DataServices).

There are situations where CMDB users will show up in ServiceDesk, but this is not intended and is usually a defect. The problem is that while a user can show up, if it is not an actual ServiceDesk user, any activity assigned to it will be invalid.

Where exactly are you seeing CMDB users? Do you see these in the Manage Users under Admin menu?

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This may be late, but the ServiceDesk uses the e-mail address that it pulled from the users AD profile and looks at the CMDB to determine associated assets.  In order for them to be associated assets, the user must be set as the owner of the asset.

To see this in action, go to http://[yoursdserver]/SD.DataServices/ServiceDeskServices.asmx.  Here you can test and see what all is pulled from the CMDB.  For instance, GetAssetsForOwner will pull, in xml format, what Assets are associated, or owned, from the CMDB.

I found that too, that the documentation leads nowhere, whether you look in the SD guides, the SMP guides, or the CMDB guides.  Luckily, I had a support technician last week that had been around the ServiceDesk for a while and knew this.