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An user is unable to see ev operations

Created: 12 Mar 2013 • Updated: 15 Mar 2013 | 8 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have an user who cannot see any ev related operation in Lotus Notes client....all other users can see the ev options and everything works fine. I tried to check the difference between those users, but there isnt any. Same user has problem on other client,

any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there any log which I can look for errors?

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Are they enabled?

Also, did you verify what version of the Forms they are using?  Maybe those have not been updated?

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If its Notes client, then verify the Mail template applied to affected users mailfile. It should be something like ev_mail8 or ev_mail85 depending upon version domino server. Do you have multiple desktop policies? Check if affected user belongs to any other policy which might not have configured to show those ev operations...

I hope this helps...

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Thanks all..I checked on your suggestions. Yes its Notes client and not web access so I guess Forms should not be an issue here. The template seems to be correct, and we have only one desktop policy where all  EV operations are checked

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I think there is something wrong with this user account, I have disabled the user in vault server and re-enabled and reconfigured notes client but still no go.

Any more suggestions?

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If user has been enabled in EV and EV modified template applied to Mailfile, then I guess last thing which you can chek would be the profile document.

Refer following technote:

This tool is located on EVDG/EV server under EV installation directory (for eg. c:\program files\enterprise vault). Run this tool from cmd while logged in as vault service account. First use View parameter to see if anything it shows and then use Zap to remove the doc. Once done, re-enable/sync the affected user from admin console. Restart the notes on affected machine and check the results.

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I am trying to run this tool but finding difficulties in parameters...I'll update you with the results :)

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By mistake I used Zap parameter instead of view at very first time and then used view para which did not show anything could be expected. then from vault console, enabled/sync affected user, no errors in that process. But when I restarted notes client, it was not starting. Reboot of client machine and now notes client started running and the EV operations as well. I am glad that we fixed this issue for user who was my boss's boss :)

Thank you guys, I now know few things about EV and Domino :p

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Cheers!! Glad to know the issue has been solved