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user will be asked to abort scan when log-off from Server (SEP 12.1)

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 7 comments


as described in the topic, when a sheduled scan is runing on a Server and I try to log-off from it. I always get the message "would you like to abbort scan?". If I chose "no", I will not be signed-off. Is it possible to hide this notification and keep scaning ?

- We are using Version 12.1. RU1

Every hints or tips appriciated

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In your AV policy, do you have option "Do not show scan progress" set?

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Hello Brian,

thanks for reply, i checked all my policys, there is always the option "Do not show scan progress" set.

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Check these Articles:

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Configuring SEP client options for end users to stop, pause, or 'snooze' administrator defined scans

Can Symantec Endpoint Protection clients be configured to pause all scan types except for Administrator defined scans?

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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Did you upgrade from a previous version of SAV or SEP?

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No we didn't upgrade, we recently moved from sophos to sep, it's a fresh installation. I studied the links above to see if i miss something, but there is not much to check for me. 

"Do not show scan progress" is disabled and every other setting is greyed out in "Administrator-defined Scans" Advanced tab. Any other ideas?

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Your admin should set those options in the Console, seems like you dont have those options enabled. its grayed out.

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Okay, maybe I described wrong.

The option "Do not show scan progress" is enabled, any "further" option regarding this are greyed out.

(makes sense, because if there is no scan progress shown, you don't need to change any settings what the user can do or not - because he shouldn't see the progress).