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Users are missing data

Created: 19 Oct 2010 • Updated: 27 Oct 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We have a new deployment of Enterprise Vault.

We are running EV 9 with Exchange 2010

We are using virtual vault

We are having our users drag and drop data from their PST's to their virtual vault.

So far we have seen little issues.

I have had 2 cases now where people say they have put things in the virtual vault and the items disappear.

In both cases users have gotten errors during the move that the vault is corrupted...

Any ideas at all?

They were moving data, not coping it...

Is the stuff just gone?

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if you open up outlook then go to "Vault - YOUR NAME" then go to Search Folders and you should have two folders , one called Could Not Archive and To Archive, in those folders you should see the items that they are trying to upload and can move them back to where ever it is they belong.

Are you using the latest client at all?
What i would suggest is if this is happening a lot then opening a case with symantec to find out what may be the cause, but its not really intended to be used as a replacement for Client Side or Server Side PST Migration and i would recommend not uploading a bunch of items.

I have seen it a couple of times when users have had Offline Vault and upgrade to Virtual Vault and Vault Cache and it gets in to a corrupted state, pulling out the files, then doing a reset usually has fixed them long term

Also be sure to check the Virtual Vault best practices guide

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Yes, I looked and there is not any info in these folders

I know this is not the best way to move data from a pst, but it is the way we are doing it and support knows we are doing it this way.

I just wanted to get thoughts on the issue, I already have a ticket open for this...

Does not seem to be much out there on folks having issue with Virtual Vault.

Just looking for some different ideas

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do they have any concrete examples of items that they believe are missing?
i.e. do they have a PST file before it was imported so you can see what to search for?
Does a partial reset move things along or get rid of the corruption?
If you look in the journalArchive table do you see a bunch of new entries for the items?
Can you see them in search or archive explorer?

If you copy the MDC and DB files out to a seperate location and open them up as PST files in outlook, can you see the items in there?

Were there any errors in the client traces?
Were these recent uploads where they would still have the client trace for it?
Are there any errors on the EV Servers or anything to suggest that there is a problem on the server side?

I guess the main question is are the items truly lost, i.e. not in VV or the To Archive Folders or anything like that or have they been at least archived and available through other means.

I'm also assuming they dont have anything like roaming profiles or use citrix or anything like that could affect the location of the db/mdc?

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We have a newly installed EV and I am now personnaly experiencing a very similar thing.

I drag folders into the vault from an attached pst file.  I force a 'Synchronize Vault Cache'.  I watch to see when it complete.  Afterward, the items are not appearing.  I believe they are there, however, because when I click into a moved folder, I see them for a split-second, then they dissapear and it says the standard 'there are no items to show in this view'.  It also appears that they are archived, but not visible in my view of the vault.  When I search the archive, they are listed and fully accessible and restorable.

When I check 'Search Folders>To Archive' in VV, it is empty (also 'there are no items to show in this view').  When I check the 'Could Not Atchive' folder, I do have a bunch of items.  None of them are the missing items.  Interestingly enough, all of the items that could not be archived have a digital signature problem ('There are problems with the signature. Click the signature button for details.').

Hope this helps.

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For the digitally signed one theres a hotfix for EV9 and EV8 SP4 (and fixed in EV8 SP5) but those are both server side fixes, not client side

Really if this is a consistent problem, call support and ask for both of your cases to be referenced as you may have something in common or maybe exposing something that wasn't tested or seen in other environments

For me i can say that i just dragged in about 2000 items and they're all there, on EV8 SP4 back end servers and the EV8 SP4 + hotfix clients

I do know that there are some fixes in the EV9 client that aren't in the EV8 SP4 hotfix client (not sure if its fixed in EV8 SP5) where the XML files have some incorrect headers but it still showed the items, it just wouldn't retrieve them.

If you can see items in AE and Search then you would not expect them to be in the To Archive folder, because the items have genuinely been archived, so in this circumstance you're not looking at DataLoss, you're looking at the Virtual Vault not showing items properly, perhaps are partial reset may fix it, not sure

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I will forward the digitial signature resolution onward.

As for my other issue, I have now just noticed two other things that may assist...

1.  When I try and force Synchronization now, it fails.  It did not do that last week.

2. When I try to drag a single item from my inbox into my vault, it tells me I do not have permission to do so.  The items in that folder within the vault are all visible and accessible.

I am starting to think I somehow corrupted my local chached vault.

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So really the failing to sync can lead to the failing to drag and move items
For the failing to sync, really you should look at the client logs (you will have to enable Virtual Vault logging as well) and find the error there, you may also have something on the EV Server under "Symantec Enterprise Vault" event logs

For the dragging and dropping issue, i have seen this quite a few times when the OST does not download or sync the hidden message correctly, if you go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office12\ you should see a program called ScanOST.exe, run that and enable automatic fixing of errors, that usually fixes those issues.

But really you don't want to move too much or push to much in to the VV until you have your synchronization issues sorted out.

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Is this the digital signature hotfix you were refering to:

Edit:  fixed slight typo-- forgotten '9' at end of URL.

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Aside from my digital signature issue, all of my issues are now fixed.  Here is what I did, in the exact order I did it (but that may not matter).

1.  Ran ScanOST (as directed above).  Some errors were found and fixed.

2.  In Outlook, I clicked into 'Tools>Enterprise Vault' and before I clicked anything else, I held down 'Shift' and 'CTRL', then I clicked 'Archive Explorer'.  That opened up a 'hidden window'.

3.  In that hidden window, click the 'Reset' Button.  After that, my connection to the server was restored.

4. Closed Outlook and ran ScanPST against my vault .mdc file.  It's location was in C:\documents and settings\<user>\local settings\Application Data\KVS\Enterprise Vault\<some long string>\<somelongstring>.mdc.  You will have to click the dropdown box in ScanPST to allow you to open All Files.

5. Opened outlook and tested.  All is working.  All items are visible, the server is visible, items can be dragged-and-dropped.

I am not sure about the OP, and I appologize for hijacking the thread, but I hope this will help him/her as well.

Big thanks to JW2!!