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Users prompted to provide logon details.

Created: 24 Aug 2006 • Updated: 06 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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Dear All

We have just implemented EV and enabled few mail boxes for archiving and rolled out the full client to the enabled users.

The problem is the users are being asked to supply logon details constantly whether or not they do anything related to EV. We have eabled client based PST migration and probably this is happening coz their PST's are beng collected/migrated in the backgroud.

Environment Details

EV 60 sp3
Winows 2003 Enterprise SRV
EV server name and alias added to
1. Local intranet zone
2. Proxy Bypass List
3. Trusted Sites.
webapp url in site properties is "/enterprisevault"

Thanks in advance. Any help appriciated.

Suresh K Vangara

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Check to make sure that Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled on the Enterprise Vault virtual directory within IIS on the EV server.

Are you in an AD environment?

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Hi Nue

Windows integration authentication is enabled in IIS, sorry i should have mentioned that before.

Its windows integrated and basic authentication in IIS. And IE is configured to supply logon details in the local intranet zone only.

Anything else you can think off ?

Suresh K Vangara

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Hi Tony

This has been done already. The fqdn's of the EV server and its alias has been added to IE's local intranet zones, proxy bypass list and to the trusted sites too.

users are prompted whether or not they do anything related to EV, the prompt just keeps coming constantly, I dont know if its because their PST are being collected/migrated in the back ground.


suresh k vangara

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I didn't think IE would even allow you to have the same site in Local Intranet and Trusted Sites, I always get a prompt that it is already in one location. It doesn't need to be in Trusted Sites, only Local Intranet.

Do you have any users that aren't enabled for client side migration? Do they get a prompt when opening an archived item?

The prompt they are getting is most likely for PST with passwords. They should get a prompt for each PST that has a password on it, but that should only be once for PST.

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Well...thats true IE would not the same entries in two zones. Actually the IE settings are like this.

Local Intranet Zone


Trusted Sites Zone


When ever the users click on an archived item, there is no prompt for logon details. AE and Search works the same way prompt.

But users get prompt when they actually do nothing related to EV and keeps comming again and again.

I know for sure this not a PST password prompt coz the prompt dialogue mentions the EV FQDN alias name.

Any Ideas ?

Suresh K Vangara

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I would move http://EVserverAliasName.DomainSuffix
http://EVserverNetbiosName.DomainSuffix to the Local Intranet Zone.

I would also disable the Client Driven PST migration for one of the users and see if the prompts stop. That would rule out pst migration as a culprit.

Might also be worth checking the Windows Manage Passwords and make sure EV sites aren't in there. I have seen this cause prompts.

To get to the screen Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > User Accounts. Click the Advanced Tab and then Manage Passwords. There are the web sites that Windows is managing.

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I have your taken your advice.
i have now enabled few more mailboxes, pst migration is not enabled. So lets see if the these users are prompted constantly like other.

By the way just wanted to know the best practices of migrating the PST files. I think i will start a new thread for this.

I will keep u informed.