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Using AIT-3 and AIT-4 tapes in autoloader

Created: 13 Jan 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments

I'm attempting to set up a rotation using the 8-slot autoloader (LIB-D81). Slots 1-5 are to be used for incremental backups with 'used' AIT-3 tapes from a previous Backup Exec version (8.6) and will be overwritten. Slot 6 is to be used with an AIT-4 tape for weekly full backups. Slot 8 has an AIT-4 cleaning tape. The backup exec 10d program fails when attempting to do anything with an AIT-3 tape (import, inventory, label media, etc). Any operation with an AIT-4 tape works fine. I've attempted this with and without partitioning.

When the autoloader was first set up, AIT-4 drives were placed in every slot and labeled. I'm trying to find a use for the stockpile of AIT-3 tapes I have from the past and the daily incrementals would a good use for these.

Furthermore, along with the backup exec failures the autoloader reports error messages as well (only with AIT-3 tapes). I'm assuming this is because an AIT-3 is in the internal drive and BE is trying to use an AIT-4 format to write to it.

This question is really geared to anyone who has attempted (successfully or otherwise) using AIT-3 and AIT-4 tapes at the same time in an autoloader.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

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an AIT-3 is in the internal drive

Does this AIT-3 drive accept the old AIT-3 tapes?

If so, have you tried re-labeling the old tapes on the AIT-3 drive (after verifying that compression is NOT selected), and then trying in the AIT-4 drive again?Message was edited by:
Ken Putnam

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Thanks a lot Ken for the reply. Let me clarify some things.

The autoloader has a single internal drive, the Sony SDX-900V.

I want to use AIT-3 and AIT-4 tapes with this (some slots on the autoloader will have 3s in them and some will have 4s).

The sony 900V is an AIT-4 drive, but is supposed to be read/write backward compatible with prior formats, including the AIT-3 I want to use.

I have tried to re-label AIT-3 tapes with the autoloader through BE, but that operation (and all other operations on AIT-3 tapes) fail. Any operation on an AIT-4 runs fine.

I did NOT try taking off compression. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take the compression off the 900V and try inventory and labeling operations.

Interesting side note. When I look at the media types for the 900V internal drive, all AIT types show the correct compresses and native sizes except AIT-3. It shows (?m,100GB). 100 is the correct native, but the compression is unknown.

So let me try this and anyone else with experience with this please chime in! Thanks again, Jim

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According to SONY - "the LIB-81/A4 and more specifically the SDX-900V do not support AIT-3. The SDX-900V only Supports AIT-4". This came drectly from their support staff. This is rather disapointing.

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Thank you very much for that information. I'm going to contact Sony about this. All their documentation states that this drive supports read and write for AIT-4/AIT-3 and read only for AIT-1/AIT-2. Page 7 of their docs on this drive is just one of many places that state this:

So I guess their documenation is wrong. Well at least I won't spin my wheels thinking it's a setup problem.

Thanks again, Jim

P.S. I'm leaving this thread 'unanswered' until I put a final post on this subject.

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CONFIRMED the SDX-900V documentation is incorrect and the drive only supports AIT-4 format.

Curtis, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.